How can this be?/Open Thread, 5.5 #Braves vs. Filthadelphia

Talk about your meaningless small sample sizes. If someone only watched Franggla play against the Braves, they’d think these guys were Miggy Cabrera.

Uggla and Francoeur vs. the Braves in 2015: .407 BA, 10 RBI, 8 extra base hits

Uggla and Francoeur vs. the rest of baseball: .152 BA, 5 RBI (4 for Frenchy), 6 XBHs

Lest one suspects the Nats thought Uggla’s outburst in Atlanta portended more miracles, that team of shitheads has played four games since and Uggla has appeared in one of them.

Most galling of all, perhaps: Uggla has been paid $75 million to play baseball, $61 million by the Braves, according to Speaking of, the fam and I attended a kid birthday party at the Wrens Nest last weekend. Charming place. Frank the Stank was nowhere to be found, mercifully. Has anyone ever done more damage to the Braves organization than the former GM? He’s on par with Jim Leyritz , Ed Sprague and Eddie Haas.

On to tonight’s tilt. The Bravos will face former Dodger Chad Billingsley in his first big league game in two years. Shelby Miller, the home team’s best starter so far, toes for our side. The lineup:

Markakis, Simmons, Freeman, Pierzynski, Gomes 7, KJ 5, Peterson, Maybin, Miller.



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