Open Thread, 5.4., #Braves vs. Danny Bonaduces

There are so many fun ways to describe the Phillies’ wretchedness:

  • Francoeur is hitting .169 with a .229 OBP. He’s hitting 5th tonight. He’s played in all but four of the team’s 26 games.
  • The Phillies are 9-17. That’s a .346 winning percentage. Over a season, that comes to 56-106. That’d be the team’s worst record since 1961.
  • The team’s best player so far this season, based on WAR, is Aaron Harang.
  • They’ve won two series this season. Of course, one of those was against the Braves.
  • Philly is averaging 2.8 runs a game. Keep that up and they’ll score their fewest runs since 1942.
  • They’re hitting .221 as a team. The 1988 Braves, our standard for futility, hit .242. Huh. Last year’s Braves hit .241. The 2015 Bravos are batting .249.

Anyway, Philadelphia is horrible. The Braves are merely mediocre, so far. It’s no wonder the Braves’ marketing geniuses were flashing messages at the park yesterday billing this as “rivalry week…witnesses needed.” Witnesses figure to be scarce at the yard on Hank Aaron Drive the next three nights.

Let’s hope those on hand witness a rebound for Wood similar to Julio’s yesterday. Julio did it against a more formidable offense than Wood faces this evening, as we’ve demonstrated. But Harang has indeed been solid. Still, he’s Aaron Harang. Looking to poleax the Phillies’ best player tonight: Markakis, Andrelton (the Braves’ top performer so far according to WAR), Freddie, Pierzynski, Gomes LF, Callaspo 3B, Peterson, Maybin and Wood.

* Fun fact: suburban Philly native Bonaduce has a net worth of $3 million, according to Bing, the Microsoft search engine. That’s not enough to buy dignity.






3 thoughts on “Open Thread, 5.4., #Braves vs. Danny Bonaduces

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  1. As terrible as they are, we still lost. That’s twice recently that we’ve lost to the Harang-utan (surely someone has used that before?).

    So how do we feel about Wood? Couldn’t even make it 5 innings today. Do we consider sending him down to Gwinnett to sort things out, or do we let him toil away in the majors?

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