Remembering the last time #Hawks played Washington in the playoffs

This time, the Hawks are slight favorites. Thirty six years ago, Atlanta pushed the defending NBA champions, led by Elvin Hayes and Bob Dandridge, to the brink in a classic seven-game series.

It should not have taken the Bullets so long to realize that their
tormentors, ballyhooed as the mechanical creation of that raging
martinet, Hubie Brown, were instead a collection of dogged,
talented opportunists; that these Hawks could scratch and peck; and
that this was a hungry, dedicated and dangerous bunch simply
itching to prove something at somebody’s expense.


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  1. Charlie Criss fan says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the SI article. That series is one of my favorite memories as an Atlanta sports fan. Funny, it involves a loss. Curry Kirkpatrick said, “Heaven can wait.” If you’re a Hawks fan, it has often felt more like Waiting for Godot.

  2. pepefreeus says:

    I remember that series, so well. Terry Furlow was brilliant on the court and hilarious off of it. About a year afterwards, he’d be gone.

    He was right about Hayes and Unseld.

  3. Yeah Furlow came out of nowhere that series. It was my first disappointment as an Atlanta sports fan.

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