Open Thread, 5.3 #Braves vs. Sy Richardsons

Since the 5-1 start, the Bravos are 6-12 and have been outscored 101-77. In those 18 games, the home nine has averaged just over 4 runs a contest, which is OK. But they’ve allowed 5.61 a game, which is akin to having Albie Lopez start every game. (In fairness to Albie, his career ERA is 4.94)

Yikes. By now we’ve probably all come to terms with the grim realty of what the next 138 games will likely bring. I suggest we focus on the continued development of Julio — starting with a bounce-back start today we hope — Wood, Folty, Martin, Peterson and Bethancourt. The last of those has turned in the most worrisome performance thus far. Perhaps that changes over the next five months. Let us also hope Wisler rights himself in Buford and thus hastens the departure of Eric Stults and his stultifying work. I swear after the first 3-4 innings last night I was optimistic about him, even as I muttered about the absurd strike zone of the home plate ump. Of course, said ump adjusted his zone as the game wore on, doing Stults no favors. But the ump’s ridiculous work was the same for the other retread hurler, Marquis, and he kept getting the Braves out. Ridiculous: if a pitch a few inches outside to a lefty hitter is a strike, why isn’t a pitch outside on the other side of the plate also a strike? Utter nonsense. As Rankin Rob suggests, bring on the robots.

On the bright side, CB and I will venture to the yard on this gorgeous spring day in Atlanta, along with my 5-year-old in his Freddie Freeman T-shirt. I’ll probably spend much of the game in the Sky Field as the Little Dude runs the shrunken baseline. I fear he’ll do more base running then the home team as they try to decode the difficult Cueto.

Today’s would-be decoders: Markakis, Simmons, Freddie, KJ 3B, Gomes LF, Peterson, Bethancourt, Maybin CF, Julio.

* Sy Richardson is an obscure actor who was born in Cincinnati. He was in one of my favorite cult classics, Repo Man. He played a repo man named Light. Like virtually every character, he was named for a type of beer.


7 thoughts on “Open Thread, 5.3 #Braves vs. Sy Richardsons

  1. Damn. I missed a reference to one of my all-time favorite movies. I’ve never met anybody who didn’t either love or absolutely hate Repo Man. (Thus it’s a good way to screen new acquaintances; if they like it, they’re probably OK, and if they don’t, they’re square.) And Sy was appearing regularly in Alex Cox movies while Cox was still semi-regularly making movies in the U.S. I met Cox a couple of years ago, and we both agree that Sy was the only cast member of Straight to Hell who had the swagguh to play a spaghetti western hero, although we also agreed that Joe Strummer came close. Sigh. I miss Sy.

    And remember, “The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.”

  2. I’m still looking for a copy of “Dioretix: The Science of Matter Over Mind”

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