Serial cheaters and the stat geeks who love them

Of course he loves A-Rod. And hates yours truly.

I’m flattered.


4 thoughts on “Serial cheaters and the stat geeks who love them

  1. Did anybody else see Pedro Martinez talking about him tonight on MLB? They were showing the footage of Rodriguez out on the field looking around the nearly empty park after the game, sort of fighting back tears. Amsinger asked Pedro what he thought Rodriguez was thinking and Pedro did not hold back.

    He said (essentially) that he thought Rodriguez was thinking that he’d screwed up and that he should have done it clean. I’m not sure that’s accurate (I would bet against it because if there is one thing Alex Rodriguez lacks, utterly, it’s self awareness.) Still, the bluntness of his response really took me aback and, after I thought about it for a bit, really cheered me.

    I know the same thing applies to Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz and I also know that Pedro isn’t giving back his World Series ring but I still love that he’s so willing to say what’s true about Rodriguez without holding back or opting for diplomacy/mealy mouthness.

  2. I also love Pedro, but I wish Mitch Williams was still on MLB Network. Pedro speaks at length on one of the supplements to the great baseball movie Sugar and is very interesting. (And if any of you haven’t seen Sugar, you really need to. It’s a lot better than those Kevin Costner baseball movies.)

  3. Much better — I think the Office is going to do a Top 5 baseball movies and I assure you Field of Dreams will not make the cut. Tok, if you haven’t seen the documentary (on Netflix) on the Portland Mavericks you must. Dock Ellis doc is excellent, too.

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