Open Thread 5.1 #Braves vs. Pete Roses

Tonight is interesting obviously to see how Folty fares. A good start, I suspect, might keep him in the bigs for a while. Or maybe not. Cahill has been disastrous, but the brass might prefer to give Folty more minor league seasoning. I’d just as soon see him stay up even if he gets battered. Happened to Glavine, Smoltz, and Avery with the Braves and even Maddux when he came up with the little bears.

In other news, after the Uggla fiasco I heard it on good authority that a coworker’s husband once lent Uggla a dollar to buy cigarettes in a bar. And Uggla never repaid him. Guy’s stealing $13 mill a year and borrows a buck for smokes?!?! A different coworker said Jordan Zimmerman once threw his — the coworker’s — wife’s shoe across a barroom in New York City. My coworker said Zimmerman was hammered. This was a few years back. I’m certain both stories are true.

On to this evening’s lineup: Markakis, Callaspo 3B, Freeman, Pierzynski, KJ LF, Peterson 2B, Simmons SS, Young Junior CF, Folty P.


One thought on “Open Thread 5.1 #Braves vs. Pete Roses

  1. I would’ve thought Jordan was the less objectionable of their Zimmermen.

    I agree about Foltyniewicz (and Wisler and a lot of the younger guys.) I don’t want to start their clocks prematurely but after working around that, I think having these guys up and in the bigs together is the way to go.

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