Open thread, 4/30, #Braves vs. Art Schlichters

Could the Braves be even worse than we feared? I predicted but 64 wins; CD, 66. But if Julio and Woody don’t turn things around, things could get bleak — maybe not 1988-bleak, but close.

Fortunately for the local nine, few people are paying attention. The Braves rank 25th in attendance, behind even Oakland. Only the Florida teams, Minnesota, Cleveland and the White Sox are drawing worse. Crowds are off nearly 5,000 per game from this time a year ago — only Texas has experienced a steeper decline.

It’s to be expected, though still depressing.

Maybe we’ll see a lot of walk-ups tonight to welcome left-handed reliever Donne Veal to the majors. He replaces John Cornely, optioned after one outing. Still no word on tomorrow night’s starter, but most expect Folty will get the nod.

The line-up:

Markakis 9, Simmons 6,Freeman 3, K Johnson 7, C Johnson 5, Bcourt 2, Peterson 4, EY 8, Miller 1


5 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/30, #Braves vs. Art Schlichters

  1. Boy,what an awful game. But with this ragamuffin Braves lineup, and the pitching staff starting to spring leaks, these types of games have been increasingly prevalent since the season starting win streak and will likely remain so. To paraphrase Denny Green, the Braves are what we thought they were. We definitely have a Rod Gilbreath/ Brian Asselstine/ Buddy J. Solomon vibe right now. And the attendance is reaching those late 70s Atlanta Stadium levels too.

  2. Well, after starting 5-0, this squad has gone 5-12, which is under .333. And a .333 pace for an entire season means 108 losses. We just had our first streak in which the team lost 3 straight games started by our Nos. 1-3 pitchers, and we let up 31 runs in doing so. And after scoring 9 runs in the first 2 innings of those games, we tally a mere 8 in the remaining 25. Ugh.

    We really suck. We were lucky to get to the end of April within sight of .500. It’s only going to get worse. I’d really like to feed a Wren to my cat.

  3. Braves are paying Trevor Cahill $5.5M this season. Wanna know who else is making $5.5M this year? Kris Medlen. And he’ll be ready to pitch sooner than later.


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