Open Thread, April 29, #Braves vs. Evil

We should brace ourselves for a five-hit, two-homer game from Melvin. Then Jeff Bennett will land with some team, save three games in a series and bean Freeman to put him on the DL for the season. Fuck me up the ass with a pineapple, as a wise or maybe unwise man once said. He didn’t really mean it.

After the abomination of evening last, tonight’s game is probably the most pivotal of the young season, if there are to be pivotal games this season. No one will soon forget what happened on April 28, at least among the fans. But a win tonight, and thus a series triumph, would expunge at least a smidge of the sting.

It won’t help Julio in his next start. For now, I’m choosing to believe he is simply going through a rough patch. It happens. You’ll recall that after an all-star season as a kid in 1990, Smoltzie went 2-11 with a 5-plus ERA in the first half of 1991. He reversed that, of course, in the season’s second three months (12-2, 2.63)  to help conjure Bravo magic.

Let’s hope Julio’s first half isn’t that bad. But pitchers, even Hall of Famers, slump just like hitters.

Speaking of ugly numbers, tonight’s gnats’ hurler, Jordan Zimmerman, has some. But that’s mostly because of one unsightly start. Good news is he’s not pitched more than 6-1/3 in any of four starts, and their pen is reasonably bad. So is ours, in case you haven’t heard. So it’d be nice if Wood could pitch, oh, 8 or 9 crisp frames.

These gents will look to keep the runs coming: Markakis, Simmons, Freddie, Pierzynski, C. Johnson, KJ LF, Peterson 2B, Young CF, Wood P.


3 thoughts on “Open Thread, April 29, #Braves vs. Evil

  1. Nice, give up 13 runs two nights in a row. And so much for Wood’s crisp outing; why was Cahill pitching in relief? Is he now a long reliever coming out of the bullpen?

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