The universe hates Atlanta sports fans

Fuck the Cubs and their pity party. No city has endured more sports humiliations than Atlanta.

Of course Dan Uggla hits a game-winning home run. Of course the Braves paid for his 5 RBI tonight. Of course the Hawks are losing to a sub-.500 team in the playoffs. Of course Joe Johnson will score 50 tomorrow at The Light Bulb.

Jim Leyritz. Leeman Bennett sitting on a lead. Losing the game in which Rick Ankiel imploded on the mound. With Greg Maddux pitching against him. Eric Gregg. Eugene Robinson.

And now, Dan Uggla’s revenge.

Fuck him and fuck the sports gods.

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  1. pepefreeus says:

    But, most especially, fuck him in his dead eyed little face.

  2. rankin' rob says:

    We will continue to pay for the hubris of Schuerholz and Wren for a long time. This is a mediocre team that will not sniff .500 come summer. But we all knew Uggla would do this to us at some point.

  3. charlesad says:

    What’s the one pitch Uggla can actually hit? Fastball, belt-high, down the middle. Then let’s throw that on an 0-2 count. For all their veteran wiles, Pierzynski and Grilli botched that one.

  4. atlpaddy says:

    Charlesad, I think we give ballplayers too much credit. Most of them are dumber than the baseballs they throw around. I think that’s why guys with more than half-a-brain look like the Great Gazoo in comparison.

  5. Bigwheel says:

    What a shit storm last night. I think we all saw them winning that game after 6. Truly a travesty. I think it was in ”13 when we had a similarly comeback against the gnats, when Ramiro Pena hit a game winning pinch hit Hr.. Real story is WTF is wrong with Julio! Maybe skip his next start and work some shit out!!

  6. Caz says:

    That’s what confuses me…Julio should have never given up 7 runs. Not too sure what to think when our offense explodes like that – which should be rare – and our pitching still blows it.

    And I won’t be too surprised if Brooklyn signs Marvin Williams who will hit the game winning 3 against us tonight at Philips Arena…

  7. Andrelton the Giant says:

    Uggla has always been a Brave killer. He’s been incredibly consistent in that regard, and almost never lets up, even while playing for us.

    His career slash line against Atlanta: .293/.347/.577 24 HR 68 RBI in only 399 PA
    His line AS a Brave: .209 /.317 /.391 79 HR 225 RBI in 1984 PA

  8. Greenville Braves says:

    Dirty Dan is on the up and up
    He’s chomping his spinach
    And swinging hard for the big bucks
    He’s getting plucky, not getting lucky
    He brings the big lumber
    Whether it’s in a gnats uni
    Or riding the pine for the Bravos
    And breaking wind-thunder
    He keeps it in his britches these days
    It’s all sealed up in plastic
    He’s gonna take the gnats big places
    Maybe even to the Fall Classic
    But it’s a shameful time
    He’s doing it all on the Bravos’ dime

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