Open thread, 4/28, #Braves vs. Councilman Les Wynans

The line-up, followed by a populist anti-Washington rant:

Markakis 9 Simmons 6 Freeman 3 Pierzynski 2 Callaspo 5 K. Johnson 7 Peterson 4 Maybin 8 Teheran 1

Of course the softest team in baseball whined about Andrelton’s hard, admittedly late, slide into third last night, which left Yesco with a sore hand. Heaven forfend!

“Andrelton plays with a lot of energy, but that was a B.S. play,” said Yankees and Cowboys fan Bryce Harper, the Kardashian of ballplayers. “That slide was definitely uncalled for.”

“That was an ugly play and it looked ugly,” said error machine Ian Desmond. “I’m sure when he goes back and looks at it, hopefully he learns from it.”

Maybe it’s the Nats who should learn something from it, like how to play the game with some passion. Do they come any softer than Harper, Stephen Strasburg and the other Borasbots who populate their roster?

Washington’s supposedly hard-boiled manager, Matt Williams, is a cheater who bought $11,600 worth of steroids and HGH in 2002, when he was playing for Arizona. He was later included in the Mitchell Report.

Asked if he thought Simmons’ slide was clean, Williams said “I’m not going to comment on that.”

Cleaner than you are, Matt.

To paraphrase Sideshow Bob, the Nats ought to do more winning and less whining.


10 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/28, #Braves vs. Councilman Les Wynans

  1. This is getting hideous and hideous. Nice work, Avilan. This is the kind of game that could get the Natspos going. And the kind that could send this Braves team reeling. Geez. Walks, walks, walks. This pen is putrid.

  2. And Dan Uggla is suddenly a triples machine. I believe that is one of the signs of the apocalypse.

  3. I’ll bet he’s never had triples in back-to-back games before now, even in high school.

  4. That DID NOT just happen. Good Lord. This is the worst Braves game I’ve seen in memory.

  5. I always did hate that little bastard. I loathed him when he was in Miami and only put up with him when he was here reluctantly. He fits that squad perfectly.

    This is the worst one of these since that night at Shea when Piazza capped off the horrorshow with a homer off of Mulholland.

    I feel comfortable saying that between his length of tenure and all that he’s cost us that FG is safely in “first” place on the list of worst Braves managers, ever. Breathe easy, Eddie Haas.

  6. Best of all, the Braves seem to have indicated that Fredi is doing just fine. On the upside, tickets will soon be at the dollar movie level on StubHub.

  7. The main impediment to shitcanning Frediot is Cox. Schuerholz is on board too but the guy who thinks he’s doing an “outstanding job” is the biggest chip Gonzalez has in his pile.

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