Open Thread, 4.25, #Braves vs. Dick Clarks

I like what Fredi’s doing with the lineup today. He’s leading off with a guy who’s actually getting on base.

Big picture, this is starting to fee like we all feared it might. When you lose to a woeful team 1-0 on a walk-off error, eh, things are not going your way. This team — have you heard? — is probably going to struggle to score. Nothing against Freddie, but the Bravos have to play perfectly on defense. The pen must be all but perfect, and the starters, at some point, need to start going deep into games. Through the first 16, Braves starters are averaging 5 innings an outing.

In any case, sad to say in April but this series already feels like a September tussle between teams 20 games out. And, oh yeah, it’s only the second quarter but the Hawks are down by 12.

Today’s revamped and intriguing lineup: Markakis RF, Simmons SS, Freddie 1B, Pierzynski C, Gomes LF, C. Johnson 3B, Peterson 2B, Young CF, Miller P.

They’ll face a guy with an ERA over 9. We’ll see.

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