Open thread, 4/21, #Braves vs. Bernhard Goetzes

Baseball’s hottest team has some issues. David Wright was joined on the DL yesterday by Travis D’Arnaud, who was off to a strong start with the bat.

The Braves get a break this week, avoiding the Mets’ two best pitchers: Matt Harvey and Jacob DeGrom. But it’s difficult to feel confident with Trevor Cahill and Eric Stults toeing the slab. For some reason, I see Cahill giving us six solid innings tonight.

I like Fredi’s line-up although I still don’t understand why Jace Peterson isn’t getting a chance to play every day. Phil Gosselin is what he is — we still don’t know what Peterson may be.

Maybin 8 Markakis 9, Gomes 7, Freeman 3, CJohnson 5, Simmons 6, Bethancourt 2, Gosselin 4, Cahill 1


3 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/21, #Braves vs. Bernhard Goetzes

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  1. The Braves need to break up Cahill & Stults in the rotation to spread out
    the load on the bullpen.
    Is Cameron Maybin the new BJ?

  2. I prefer dunking Cahill in liquid nitrogen and dropping him onto the pavement and just breaking him up.

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