Open thread, 4/18, #Braves vs. Nickelbacks

Last night’s win was quite unexpected. A series victory would also be a surprise, but R.A. Dickey has struggled so far this year. Alex Wood has, to a much lesser degree, and I expect him to rebound nicely today.

One question about the line-up: If the Braves love Jace Peterson as much as we’re told they do, why is he barely playing of late? Bethancourt also needs to see more regular action. They’re the future — not Callaspo and Pierzynski.

Maybin CF Callaspo 2B Markakis DH Freeman 1B CJohnson 3B Pierzynski C Gomes LF KJohnson RF Simmons SS 


2 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/18, #Braves vs. Nickelbacks

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  1. Needless to say bringing Marimon into the game, w/ Donaldson, Bautista and Encarnacion due up and Martiin and Grilli in the bullpen, was a dumb-ass move.

  2. I’m not going to slag Fredi for that one. Marimon is probably the long man in the bullpen right now, and at some point in an extra-inning game, you have to wheel the long man out there and keep him out there until one side scores. Yeah, maybe Fredi should have used Martin for an inning, then gone to Marimon (Grilli stays out of the game until the Braves have the lead), but I don’t blame him for wanting to save Martin in case he was needed the next day (which wound up being the case).

    If you want to criticize Fredi for this game, do so for his failing to get Wood out of there a couple of hitters earlier. Cunniff should have entered the game after the Martin double. If the Jays don’t score 3 in the 7th, the game doesn’t go into extra innings.

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