Peculiar oversights in #Braves HOF

No offense to Don Sutton, but is he really more deserving of a berth in the Braves Hall than Andruw, McGriff, Joe Torre, Rico Carty and Leo Mazzone?

Andruw hit 368 homers for the  Braves and is the best defender in team history. McGriff belongs in Cooperstown, and the best years of his long career were spent in Atlanta, posting a .885 OPS over five years. Torre hit .294 with 142 homers in 9 years with the Braves, then managed them to respectability and a division title in the early 1980s. In 8 years with the Bravos Carty hit .317 with a .388 OBP and .496 slugging percentage. And Mazzone was ranked as the best assistant coach in any sport by ESPN.

Sutton was once an informative analyst but more often than not seems to be mailing it in, wallowing in a forced folksiness that some mistake for “colorful.” He’s not in the class of Skip, Pete and Ernie, not even close.

And it’s not like there’s plenty of other options. You could make persuasive cases for TP and Bob Horner as well. But not Sutton.

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3 thoughts on “Peculiar oversights in #Braves HOF

  1. I like Sutton, and he was really great in the ’90’s. I’m fine with him in the Braves Hall. But the others you mentioned, with the possible exception of Mazzone, should be in there.

  2. A.J. isn’t going into any HOF until he stops playing. He’s a clear choice for the team one (and a solid choice for Cooperstown, not that it’s going to do him any good with the Dan Shaughnessys of the world.)

    All of your other choices are solid. I’d like to see John Clarkson, as well. The franchise has a solid claim on no less than six 300 game winners, All of the others are in the team HOF.

    And I’m fine with Don. He taught me a ton about pitching in the early ’90’s and his track record here is long and distinguished.

  3. Even though he’s broadcast for the Braves for 20 years, I don’t think of Sutton as a Brave, I think of him as a Dodger. And even though Carty spend half his career in other organizations, I still think of him as a Brave.

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