Jose Reyes’ Dinner

Just saw on the MLB Network crawl that Jose Reyes left the Blue Jays’ game in the first inning because of ribs. Since when did players start leaving games to eat?


Actually if Reyes is out, that can only help the Bravos as they head north of the border. This trip will probably be a test. The Jays have some scary hitters and the Mets are playing well. The Braves have a scary hitter and several other guys in the lineup. Unlike Don Sutton, most of those guys probably will not end up in the Braves Hall of Fame. I don’t think Sutton should be there. Sure, he’s been broadcasting Braves games for 25 years. He used to be good at it but hasn’t been for some time now. You guys know our view of him and Powell, so I won’t belabor it here. But dammit, why not find someone more deserving for the team HOF or just don’t induct anyone this year?

Walter Banks should be in there. Andruw clearly should be. So probably should TP and Leo Mazzone.



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