Open thread, 4/15, #Braves vs Flo Ridas

With last night’s loss and a long road trip coming up, reality may be about to set in. There’s only so much a line-up like this can produce:

Maybin 8, Goss 5, Freeman 3, Bethancourt 2, K Johnson 9, Gomes 7, Peterson 4, Simmons 6, Stults 1


5 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/15, #Braves vs Flo Ridas

  1. The back end of the rotation is turning into a pumpkin… we knew that was a possibility. Sugar Ray was a starter in the minors, right? Maybe he’ll get a shot…

  2. Fortunately the Jays aren’t anything special so far this year. Unfortunately I’ll be at the Rogerdome jinxing the team this weekend. I predict the Braves win the one game that I don’t attend.

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