Open Thread, 4.13 #Braves vs. Spring Breakers (you know, Florida…)

The local worthies look to resume their ruthless offensive this evening against our heavily-tattooed friend Matt Latos. The good news: the Braves curb stomped him last week in Miami. The bad news: he’s a good pitcher and good pitchers generally don’t get curb stomped twice in a row.

So unless he’s hurt, I wouldn’t expect the Bravos to score a touchdown and extra point in the first inning again. But stranger things have happened.

Shelby Miller toes slab for our side. He threw well down in south Florida, but Dee Gordon and Christian Yelich fouled off about 30 pitches each. So Miller amassed nearly 100 tosses in just 5 innings. He’ll face Fish who have scored 2 or fewer runs in four of six games. Mike Stanton is hitting .158 with no homers. Dude is Paul Bunyan. He’ll hit, so let’s hope he doesn’t start in the next three days on Hank Aaron Drive.

Of course, the Braves are not exactly mashing at the plate. On the mound, things have been very, very good. Wood put in a classic keep-your-team-in-it performance yesterday, somehow working through 6-1/3 with far less than his best stuff or location. Juan Jaime did something different. Unlike my co-blogger, I didn’t have a problem with Fredi using him there. The pen is getting a ton of work, you’d already won the series, so it was a day to go with what Davey Johnson called “your B bullpen.” No sense grinding up your best guys in April. The B lefty, McKirihan, pitched well, the B righty, Jaime, did not.

In other pitching news, Matt Wisler, who came back in the Kimbrel-Melvin Jr. trade, pitched 5 scoreless in his G-Braves debut. Much less promising was the news on Mike Minor. I’m beginning to wonder if we see the former first round pick on the hill in 2015.

Fredi continues scrambling the lineup tonight. Again, I’ll differ with CB. I don’t much blame Fredi for the constant shuffling. It ain’t like we’ve got Rickey Henderson and a bunch of other future Hall of Famers to trot out, so might as well mix it up and see what works. However, I am not sure I like seeing Callaspo at second base tonight. He’s made a couple of boots at really bad times already at third base.

Tonight’s batting order: EY Jr. LF, Callaspo 2B, Markakis RF, Freeman 1B, C. Johnson 3B, Bethancourt C, Simmons SS, Maybin CF, Miller P.


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