Open thread, 4/12, #Braves vs. 50 Cents

To hear Braves announcers tell it, grit and chemistry are solely responsible for the team’s surprising 5-0 start. Stout pitching, nifty defense and timely hitting has something to do with it, no?

Can’t underestimate the impact of coaches Roger McDowell and Kevin Seitzer, either. Jim Johnson had a 1.950 WHIP in 2014. For one week, at least, he’s been as unhittable as any reliever in the game. And Braves hitters may not intimidate, but they no longer appear clueless as they did a year ago.

I remain skeptical it will last, but the team’s performance shows that good coaching makes a difference.

The line-up:

EY 8 Peterson 4 Markakis 9 Freeman 3 Pierzynski 2 Gomes 7 Callaspo 5 Simmons 6 Wood 1


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