For those who believe Hank Aaron cheated, or Barry Bonds didn’t

Not as annoying to Mr. Duroino: Bonds’ cheating, if in fact he did cheat, which, according to Ben and his acolytes, isn’t established fact. Besides, he claims, Hank cheated, too.

I’ve heard of angel dust, too. What’s your point?

With all of the facts in hand, it becomes impossible to compare amphetamine use to the use of anabolic steroids. These two drugs are not remotely similar. No good can be accomplished by blurring the important distinctions between these two drugs.

Anabolic steroids are drugs that mimic the effects of the male hormone testosterone.  They increase protein synthesis within cells, which helps build larger muscles.  It’s well accepted that use of anabolic steroids, in combination with adequate diet and high intensity exercise, can result in gains in muscle strength.  Whether this increased strength enhances performance in a sport like baseball is an open question – most people assume that it does, but we have no scientific proof. …

While anabolic steroids enhance performance by helping an athlete build muscle, amphetamines (sometimes called “greenies” in baseball circles) affect performance by stimulating the athlete’s central nervous system.  Amphetamines trigger increases in the user’s blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output and breathing rate.  As a result, athletes that take amphetamines experience increased alertness and wakefulness, and decreased sensation of muscle fatigue.  Studies show that amphetamines can increase reaction time and cognitive function, and improve an athlete’s endurance (at least to the extent that the athlete is willing to work longer and harder without reporting exhaustion).

Science, like data, doesn’t lie.


5 thoughts on “For those who believe Hank Aaron cheated, or Barry Bonds didn’t

  1. Ben Duronio is an idiot. I put people like him in the same category as Nixon apologists.

  2. Bad Henry says he used greenies once, and he so disliked the way the drug made him feel, he never used them again. Bonds, on the other hand, appears to have engaged in a systematic regimen of steroid use to avoid being caught cheating, including paying a potential witness to do a lengthy stretch in jail on a contempt charge rather than testify against him, all so he could displace the guy in the record book of whom his godfather was intensely jealous.

    Yeah, those are pretty much the same. And Bonds’ head circumference ebbed and flowed because of the gravitational effect of the moon.

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