Open thread, 4/7, Braves vs. Anita Bryants

I’m going to try not to shit all over the Braves on those rare nights when they win, but a few minor grievances:

You don’t bat your best hitter 4th;

Fredi is going to set a new MLB record for bunt attempts.

Speaking of Fredi, his  “soft platoon” is in effect tonight, with Chris Johnson starting over Callaspo. CJ is 8-for-20 vs. Mat Latos; KJ, starting over Gomes, is 0-for-8 with 5 Ks against the Marlins starter.

Young CF, Peterson 2B, Markakis RF, Freeman 1B, Bethancourt C, KJohnson LF, CJohnson 3B, Simmons SS, Wood LH


7 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/7, Braves vs. Anita Bryants

  1. Better tell Bruce Bochy to quit hitting Posey 4th like he did last night. Barry Bonds batted fifth for years. Not much question he was the best hitter on his team.

    With this lineup, it probably makes sense to bunt more. And like Sharon said, it was refreshing to see a Brave lay down a good bunt. This team must scratch for every possible run and sometimes play for one when you wouldn’t if you had a bunch of mashers.

  2. Then why not bat him leadoff? So far it’s working pretty well. Posey is hitting cleanup. That was the past, though — last night.

  3. Bobby hit him fourth occasionally. I just don’t see that it makes a lot of difference whether a guy hits 3rd or 4th. How many at-bats does that really cost you? Again, if it’s all about getting him the most ABs possible, hit him leadoff.

  4. I think if the Braves had a more prototypical cleanup hitter, Fredi would hit Freddie 3rd. Seems like you’re searching for Fredi-bashing material.

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