Opening Day Open Thread, April 6, #Braves vs. Anthony Bosches


In less than an hour, the new-look Bravos take the field for real in the pastel park in south Florida.

It’s dangerous to draw conclusions from an opening day lineup, but this one is interesting. No Chris Johnson. This tells me Fredi might be serious about platooning guys. Also, KJ is starting in left field. Again, platoon time. Let’s hope these situations are more pleasant than the Oliver Stone flick. Great movie, but grim.

Of course, it’ll also be interesting to see who closes if it comes to it. I suppose it’ll be equally intriguing to see who sets up, who pitches the 7th, and so on. Best case, Julio goes 7 or 8 and the Braves have a nice lead. A man can dream.

The post-Jay Hey/Kimbrel/J-Up/Gattis/Carpenter/Greg Walker era begins with this batting order vs. the Fish:

EY Jr. CF; Jace Peterson 2B; Markakis RF; Freeman 1B; Bethancourt C; KJ LF; Callaspo 3B; Simmons SS; Julio P.

Hart sure was right. It’s not like he was dismantling the ’27 Yankees. And Fredi ain’t running them out there today, either.

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  1. jon3068 says:

    Oof. I’m hearing some terrible sound-bytes. “This looks like a team that knows how to play.”

  2. NahaGomez says:

    “Flexible “

  3. charlesad says:

    Rain delay in Miami’s taxpayer-funded retractable roof stadium. Lame.

  4. charlesad says:

    Hart on radio just said the Dodgers were asking about Kimbrel but, in so many words, would not take BMelvinJ. Interesting.

  5. jon3068 says:

    So far team is 5 for 25. Not great. But just one strikeout. Definitely less frustrating to watch.

  6. Tokyokie says:

    Braves win! Nationals lose! Braves in first place! Nationals in last! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Wish the season ended today.

  7. Runner at 2nd, no out, you’re number 2 hitters up, followed by the “meat” of your order. And Fredi bunts. Yes, Peterson got him over and Young scored the winning run, but why reduce the opportunities for a big inning? Fredi Ball!

  8. Tokyokie says:

    So do you folks realize that Julio Teher√°n’s WHIP and ERA are identical?

  9. charlesad says:

    Bethancourt had a nice defensive game. Throwing out Gordon, the perfect throw to complete the big double play, framed pitches nicely. Nothing against Gattis, but he probably does none of those three things.

  10. Sharon Egan says:

    “The heart of the order” is a very relative term with this squad, and I had no problem with Peterson bunting him over. It’s a realistic strategy for the talent level, a lot more realistic than the “swing away, strikeouts don’t matter” mantra of the past two seasons. I was extremely gratified to learn there actually is a Brave who can lay down a legitimate bunt.

  11. tbone82 says:

    What Sharon said. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game yesterday…there is more room for strategy with this team, which can make for exciting baseball if they execute as well as they did in the opener. The sequence with the bunt and EY stealing a run was perfectly executed, and I seriously doubt it would have been possible last year. When you have guys who know how to put the ball in play and run the bases, good things can happen without a ton of power. Likewise on defense, both double plays were great, as were the caught-stealing play and KJ getting an assist.

  12. More room for strategy — that’s a scary thought, considering the manager.

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