Correction: 64-98

I hope the Braves don’t sink to their worst record since 1990 1989, but this team needs a lot to go right to avoid a historically bad offense, mediocre shitty bullpen and potentially thin rotation. Add Fredi to the mix and you have a recipe for misery. CD is a tad more optimistic, predicting a 66-96 finish.

What say ya’ll?


10 thoughts on “Correction: 64-98

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  1. 77-85

    Freddie and CJ flirt w .300, Simba is an all star, Teheran and Wood win 13 each, kimbrel stays all year.

  2. Don’t think the Braves will win the division, don’t think they will get a wild card playoff. I think they will play some entertaining baseball, unlike last year and I think they will have their moments along the way, but in the end I think the final appraisal will be ‘better than I thought’, like right around .500.

  3. 62-100

    None of the reclaim projects except Jim Johnson work out, and he’s only able to be traded for a low level prospect at the deadline. Cahill is hurt and DL’ed for the year by the end of May. Another starter has TJ surgery mid-season. Markakis is decent, but shows further signs of an already steady decline.
    Peterson and Gosselin are passable at 2b, while Callaspo is DFA’ed in early June.
    Freddie is his usual self, Simmons has a bounce back year offensively, but it does little to help a team that can’t drive in runs and gives away leads late in games before Kimbrel can be called on.
    The best move of the year is Kimbrel is traded for some solid prospects from the Tigers mid-season.
    Lastly, Uggla does a decent but unspectacular job filling in for the Nationals amidst injuries before being traded for a bullpen arm and thoroughly embarrasses the Braves medical staff–who couldn’t diagnose a serious problem during his long, dark period as the Braves 2b.

    I hope none of this happens, but it’s what my gut tells me is most likely.

  4. I doubt this is a .500 team. 75 is the best case scenario, I think. 70 seems like a reasonable projection.

    I really don’t care about the record this year. I just want to see a building effort that seems to be going somewhere.

  5. Well, my prediction might have set a record time for proving wrong. No Kimbrel mid-season trade, but if this proves anything, it’s that you can’t believe anything the Braves front office says these days.
    I can’t believe I’m tempted to drop my wins prediction already, as I thought I was the gloomiest of all, but I can actually see us losing 102 this year.

  6. I don’t see how this bunch doesn’t lose 100 games. No offense, no defense outside Andrelton, no bullpen, thin rotation. This bunch will be mid-1970s Braves bad.

  7. Well, Kimbrel is now a Padre.
    This most likely will be a bad team of historic proportions.

  8. Remember how the Yankees traded Mariano Rivera when he was about 25 years old, and how much better they were for the next 15 years?

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