Mel Jr., Uggla, Markakis, Cahill = 1/2 of #Braves payroll

The foolish spending continues; Braves will apparently pay Trevor Cahill, 3-12 with a 5.61 ERA and a 1.608 WHIP last season, $5.5 mil this year. Add that to the $11 million Nick Markakis will receive in 2015, the first of a four-year deal, and the $27.5 million due Melvin and Uggla and you end up with $44 mil, roughly 50 percent of the team’s payroll.

The Braves could’ve signed Cuban phenom Yoan Moncada for what they’re spending on Markakis and Cahill.



One thought on “Mel Jr., Uggla, Markakis, Cahill = 1/2 of #Braves payroll

  1. I still don’t think Cahill is going to work out as a reclamation project, but the deal is better than originally announced. The Braves will receive the 75th pick in this year’s draft from the DBacks for Victor Reyes. I’m getting more optimistic for the future plans.
    Adding all these picks to a renewed scouting department is exactly what’s needed to heal the wounds of bad drafts and worse contracts from recent years.

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