A little perspective

I’m happy Eric Young Jr. and Jace Peterson are tearing it up this spring. Irrelevant though they are, good stats are never a bad thing.

Of course they don’t always carry over to the regular season. You may recall New Zealander Travis Wilson, who finished March 2001 with a BA above .400, leading Bobby to effuse about the “special sound” made whenever the former softball star made contact. Alas, that “special sound” was never heard in a major league ballpark. Five springs later, James Jurries batted .412 and led the team in RBI. He was out of baseball a year later.

Juan Francisco teased us with gaudy exhibition numbers in 2013, including 6 HR and a .652 slugging percentage. B.J. hit .347 that spring. And it was only a year ago when Dan Uggla hit 4 March bombs and got on base at a .403 clip, leading the more gullible among us to dream of a career renaissance. No need to remind you how that fantasy played out.




5 thoughts on “A little perspective

  1. I was thinking that today was a pretty good day for a Braves fan. We had a lot of hits, Bethencourt hit a home run (I almost forgot he can’t hit), we won. I was almost giddy looking at some of the batting averages but then its spring training, small sample size, minor league pitching, nobody cares, regression to the mean, meaningless nonsense. So thank you for tempering my ethusiasm before I made a mistake and started liking these guys.

  2. I’m ready to like them in spite of their likely mediocrity. Of course, I avidly followed the Braves through the 1970s and 1980s.

  3. Well I started in 1960 when I was picked to play by the Braves in Little League. I ignored my friends advice and later their ridicule when I chose to follow the Braves and ignore the closest local major league team the Giants. It only took 31 years to find vindication but then my friends had moved on. But then 1991 was worth it all, no regrets. And whatever the record this year I know they are going to be more fun to watch than last year.

  4. We will always be unwavering Braves fans, though we won’t hesitate to be critical. To be honest, I’ll be more interested in the numbers put up by the likes of Mallex Smith and Rio Ruiz than Young and Gomes.

  5. I’ve always taken spring training batting stats with a grain of salt, especially those from Arizona where elevations can vary greatly. I tend to give more credence to pitching stats — If a guy can’t get minor-leaguers out, then how good can he be? — but even there, the veterans will use their first couple or three appearances to stretch out their arms and work on new pitches. Still, good stats are always better than lousy ones.

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