Counterpoint to Rowland’s gloom and doom

I’m not bullish on the present or immediate future, as outlined in a recent post.

For a different, more optimistic take, go here, although the writer seems to forget about the money still owed MelJu.

I’d put it this way: The Braves are probably in better shape than the division-rival Phillies right now. They don’t have the bad contracts weighing them down, and they’ve got an infusion of youth and energy that can take them far. It might not happen in 2015, but the very near future (particularly the 2017 season in which SunTrust Park will be unveiled) is looking pretty darn bright.




2 thoughts on “Counterpoint to Rowland’s gloom and doom

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  1. I am optimistic, although not necessarily about getting into the playoffs this year, but I do think the Braves will be a good competitive ball club who will give you a strong effort on any given night. Will they get their heads bashed a few times, will there be some embarassment along the way? Yeah of course, happens to everybody, good or bad. One thing I’m sure of, regardless of the eventual won – loss record, is this team will be more interesting to watch then the team I watched the past two years.

  2. The pitching should be fun to watch. We do have some exciting young starters and hopefully with less pressure Teheran can develop into the ace we know he can become.

    Still how can anyone that follows this team forget that 1/3 of our payroll is used up by two players? Poor free agent signings from Wren continue to haunt the Braves and will continue to for a couple more years.

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