#Braves 25: Ernie, Pete and Skip

It’s debatable whether clubhouse chemistry has any effect on a team’s won-loss record. But it’s crucial in the broadcast booth, and for two decades the Braves featured a trio of announcers who meshed as effortlessly as cheese and tomato sauce.

No one could have planned it. Ernie, Pete and Skip were three disparate personalities who just happened to click.

Sure, they were homers, but not to the point of deception. Personally I like having announcers who care about the Braves as much as I do, minus any bombast or manufactured boosterism.

Their breezy style helped make the local nine “America’s team,” even when the team lost with abandon. Ernie, Pete and Skip got us through the bad old days and made the golden era even better. They were an asset ultimately squandered by the idiots at TimeWarner who, in 2003, banished Skip and Pete (Ernie had retired by then) to the radio.

Outraged fans clamored for their return, and three months later the clueless suits who had underestimated the deep connection Braves fans had to Skip and Pete succumbed.

The famous trio remains beloved but underrated. With all due to respect to Murph and the Crime Dog, the Braves most deserving to be in Cooperstown are Ernie, Pete and Skip.



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  1. Pete, Ernie and Skip made a lifelong Braves fan. They all deserve to be in the HOF.

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