Happy birthday Hammer!

To celebrate, here’s Henry’s 714th, featuring Gerald Ford, Bowie Kuhn and Milo Hamilton, who doesn’t let Ernie Sr. speak a word about his former teammate’s heroic feat.


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  1. NahaGomez says:

    Thankfully Ernie was able to do 714 on radio.

  2. pepefreeus says:

    I actually heard Scully’s (immensely superior) call along with the footage of 715 a couple of nights ago. A rare treat.

    Milo’s call, like McDonough’s of G7 in ’92, should be shunned by all decent people.

  3. rankinrob says:

    I worked with Milo once. Total dick.

  4. cleteboyerfan says:

    I remember watching this broadcast; our school system must have been on spring break. This is the first time I’ve seen it since then and the thing which really comes across as I watch this is that Milo cannot shut up.

  5. Tokyokie says:

    Rob, My old pal Tricky Ricky Hickey figured out Milo was a dick simply by once being behind him in the grocery checkout line as he tried to write a check without any identification.

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