Why this losing season will be worse than the others

As bad as the Braves were in the 80s, at least we had Skip, Pete and Ernie to dull the pain. They were homers but they weren’t shills. Nor did they adopt a faux folksiness that’s even more grating to those of us raised on the legends.

If you think the puns and pandering were annoying before, wait until the Braves are 15 out at the All-Star break.



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  1. Andrelton the Giant says:

    Good point. Those three were my recommendation for the Braves most influential list you started. Is that still going on?
    They absolutely made it not only bearable, but fun to watch the awful teams in the 80’s I grew up with. It’s a depressing thought to imagine Chip trying to contrive something to rave about with Pierzynski, Gomes, and Callaspo.

  2. jon3068 says:

    “What we’ve got here is a team full of players. They really play the game. They show up every day and they take their at bats one at a time.”

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