Is Ryan Langerhans still available?

No matter — the Braves signed Kelly Johnson to a minor league contract. Sounds like they’re bringing back the Bomb Squad, with KJ as Chris Chambliss, A.J. Pierzynski as Ted Simmons, (potentially) and Jonny Gomes as Billy Sample.

KJ hit .219 last year for the O’s, Red Sox and Yankees, with a .304 OBP and .373 slugging percentage.


24 thoughts on “Is Ryan Langerhans still available?

  1. Ryan Langerhans has been playing for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League, and they have quite a rivalry with the York Revolution. Langerhans has played against the Revs 40 minutes from my home lots of times, and I even met him and got him to sign a card and a baseball. Very nice guy.

  2. Ehhh. I’m not going to get hot and bothered by signing anybody to a minor-league deal. If KJ can no longer play, and I doubt he can, he’ll probably be gone. No big deal. But deciding not to pursue Yoan Moncada is a big deal, especially for an organization utterly bereft of power hitting, outside Freddie Freeman. I can appreciate the team being uncompetitive for a couple of seasons while it rebuilds, but with no power on the horizon, to preemptively give up on acquiring a guy who could provide it, means the team has no hope in the short and medium terms. Which, you know, is the foreseeable future. Or, to put it another way, the foreseeable future is KJ, or other guys who similarly no longer can play.

  3. I was just thinking…when the Braves moved out of Fulco for The Ted, they went to the World Series that year. Quite a sending off for the old stadium, even though we didn’t get the World Series win. It appears that Turner Field is going to go out with a much more inglorious sending off, with half-full stadiums and a team that will have a losing record. Not a great way to remember a stadium that, while no Championship was won there, still delivered a ton of great memories (and lots of crushing ones as well, but you take the bad with the good).

    Anyhow, they’ve had 94 and 96 win teams lately, and it kind of pisses me off that they’ve decided to mail in these next two seasons (at least) while waiting for the new ballpark to open. If the team would have kept Heyward, signed Markakis, and traded J. Upton and Gattis, we could at least have something to look forward to next season, while at the same time getting some nice prospects in return. And I don’t believe it would have broken the bank to keep Heyward around. If the team is committed to winning then they need to spend the money to keep the talent.

    Instead, if we’re lucky we’ll get to watch pitchers like Teheran and Miller post sub-3.00 ERA’s while having losing records. How fun is that going to be?

  4. Back in the summer, I think it was either Pepe or Clete who said that if we got a new GM, he would probably turn over the roster so that he could make his own imprint on the team.

  5. roadrunner, I don’t think Hart had any choice but to first remake the scouting operation, then turn over the roster. Frank Wren (and as mentioned previously, I blame Liberty Media for the damage he was allowed to cause) had left the minor-league system uncompetitive.

  6. I agree with you, Tokyokie. It also serves an institutional purpose to hire someone to come in from the outside to make the changes. He has no investment in what went on before. That’s good. What’s bad is the tendency of the new guy to get myopic and overly cold blooded in his mission. Yes, we probably weren’t going to be able to sign Heyward. Yes, White Bear is probably at the height of his value. But Medlen?

  7. I get what Hart is doing, and I blame Wren for all of this. Still, have the Braves ever acquired a worse batch of (major league) players in a single offseason? We’ve gotten a lot of good prospects , but the guys we’ve gotten to play now are, except Markakis and Grilli — maybe I’m missing someone — wretched.

  8. roadrunner, Apparently you can add Beachy to that list as well. Guess they don’t want to risk deals with double-Tommy John pitchers, and such hurlers have little if any record of success. Still, it shouldn’t cost much to sign Beachy to a deal to see whether he can rehab, even if he’ll miss virtually all of the season.

    jon, Shelby Miller is quality, and with him, Teherán and Wood at the top of the rotatioin, the Braves’ starting pitching should be decent for the next couple of years, absent some more frayed ulnar collateral ligaments. But the Braves’ plan, such as it is, seems to be to hope like hell that a couple of the injured pitchers they obtained, like Manny Banuelos and Max Fried, rebound and they can then they can trade somebody like Minor for a corner outfield prospect who’ll be ready by 2017. Seems like a mighty slender reed on which to base the franchise’s future, but there you are. It’s cheaper to dream than it is to sign Yoan Moncada.

  9. I don’t mind the rebuilding. It was fun to follow Glavine, Mercker, and the rest through the minors and get prospects like Smoltz and Tommy Gregg in trades. We have a nice set of pitching prospects now. Minor and Kimbrel will fill out the outfield ranks later this summer.

    What I don’t like is that the major league team was unlikeable enough last year and now Hart has jettisoned the few ones who people really rooted for. And he replaced them with a serious collection of douches. Yes, we could have kept Medlen and Beachy. We could get Ichiro. They don’t cost much and there’s plenty of room in the budget. There’s money that needs to be spent. It’s not like not spending in 2015 helps to get an increase in 2016. Give the fans something.

  10. Who are these douches you speak of? The party line on Pierzynski is that he’s a “we’re glad he’s on our side” type. I don’t know much about the personalities on Markakis, Miller, Grilli, Callaspo, Outman, Almonte or Jim Johnson

  11. This is the team that finally gets Fredi fired. No doubt. No way he can manage these personalities, in the midst of a losing season. So, we’ll have that to thank them for.

  12. Hoo boy. This is going to be a long season. At least it looks as if I’ll have the Hawks to take my mind off the dumpster fire at the Ted during the spring.

  13. I’d love to think that this will be the end of Fredi but he’s tied to Cox. Unless and until they can wheedle an okay out of him, FG is going to stay right where he is.

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