#Braves offense will make it feel like the mid-70s again

You’d think the ’75 Braves played in the Astrodome, not the Launching Pad, based on their anemic offensive production. They had the fewest runs and hits in the NL and finished next-to-last in OBP and slugging and 10th in BA. Darrell Evans led the Braves in homers (22) and RBI (73). Only three other Braves reached double figures in homers (Dusty Baker, Vic Correll and Earl Williams) and they combined to hit just 41 four-baggers. The’75 Bravos didn’t have much speed, either, with Ralph Garr leading the team with 14.

The front office responded by dealing away two of their best hitters (sound familiar), in the offseason (Baker to L.A., Garr to the White Sox). They waited until June to trade Evans. The offense was as anemic as you’d expect; Darrel Chaney led the team with 20 doubles and only two Braves reached double figures in HR (Jim Wynn, 17, and Ken Henderson, 13). The ’76 Bravos were last in slugging and next-to-last in BA.

The 2015 offense may be just as bad, if not worse. Of the returning Braves, none reached 20 homers or 80 RBI in 2014. Freddie was the only starter to finish with an OBP above .300 and a slugging percentage over .400 (import Nick Markakis had a .342 OBP and .386 slugging). Free agent Nori Aoki (.349 OBP, .360 slugging) has already been mentioned as a replacement for Gattis in LF, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they also signed Jonny Gomes (.327, .330) to platoon with the former Royal. Colby Rasmus is another FA option, but he was awful in 2014, batting .225 with 29 walks and 124 strikeouts.

This may very well be your Opening Day line-up:

Aoki LF

Callaspo/Gosselin 2B

Freddie 1B

Chris Johnson 3B

Nick Markakis RF

Andrelton SS

Bethancourt C


At least the pitching will be solid; the ’75 and ’76 Braves finished 10th in NL ERA.

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  1. wuky says:

    Wow. That’s depressing.

    I still can’t figure out why the signed Markakis if they’re truly conceding 2015-2016. Hope they stay away from Gomes and Rasmus. Would be better off giving some minor leaguers a shot.

  2. francis says:

    Small ball a long way from chipper teams.to contend you need 2 guys that can hit 30 homeruns,at least one 300 hitter,2 guys that steal 25,2 legit starters.2 real relief pitchers.and some pop off the bench

  3. Which minor leaguers should they play? Constanza, Cunningham? It’s now obvious that Frank Wren left the organization in shambles. The Markakis signing seems like one of his moves. Hart’s record is mixed so far, though I really like the Gattis trade.

  4. roadrunner48 says:

    If Hart signs Rasmus, the we’ll easily out douche the Nationals.

  5. Agreed. A struggling team doesn’t need a guy who doesn’t give a shit.

  6. Andrelton the Giant says:

    It’s going to be a brutal year. At least we might get a shot at one of the top 5 picks in June 2016. Also, we might see Freddie set the franchise record for walks in a season.

  7. Nate says:

    It will be bad in terms of power…that said its going to be better than people think. Remember the guys we traded away where part of a bad all or nothing offense. 2013 it was all in and good (96) wins, 2014 no one seemed to be able to hit the ball out of the ball parkl as often and the strikeouts mounted. Aoki walks on avg aroun 50 and only strikes out around 50 times, Markakis has the same numbers Heyway puts up but he is a little more consistent, I will concede the pop is not there, and Heyward makes the point mute if he bangs out 30 this year. The Pitching is just as good if not a little better with the addition of miller. The line up will have to be scrappy, if Freemen and Simmoms have a return to form, and Johnson hits somewhere in between what he did the last two seasons we could be looking at a similar make up of last seasons KC Royals. Do I think we will win the Divison, prob not…but It is not going to be as bad as everyone says I promise.

  8. wuky says:

    Try Cunningham or Constanza over Gomes or Rasmus. Or try one of the guys we’ve acquired. Andy Dirks would have been a great pickup. I’m not optimistic about Callaspo either, and BJ? Heaven help us.

  9. the real big cat says:

    This would almost make me happy on Opening Day: In the middle of callin’ the Braves lineup, the announcer’s suddenly interrupted by “Crazy Train” and ol’ Chipper come hobblin’ out to third base. It might be this buncha jabronies’ only hope.

  10. atlpaddy says:

    The Braves should just go ahead and book the Atlanta Rhythm Section and Wet Willie for the post-game concerts to complete the flaccid ’70s vibe.

  11. jon3068 says:

    Aoki a Giant.

    Can Terdoslavich play left? If you’re going to punt the season, might as well punt with power

  12. Andrelton the Giant says:

    Terdo should get a shot at a corner OF spot, Cunningham too when BJ fizzles in May. Expectations have to be so low, the pressure would be minimal.
    If they insist on a veteran, I wouldn’t mind if the Braves signed Ichiro to a one year deal. It would be fun to see him play, even at the end of his career.
    I’d be surprised if Rasmus was signed. It obviously didn’t work having him and Seitzer together last year in Toronto. I can’t imagine a reunion would be any different.

  13. roadrunner48 says:

    Rasmus also strikes out a ton, and it’s apparent that Hart is trying to purge the organization of these types of hitters. Of course, as he is a notorious asshole, he would fit in well with our other new signings.

  14. YES on Ichiro, my favorite non-Brave ever. The hierarchy best be concerned about attendance, and Ichiro might sell a few tickets as he shoots for 300 hits.

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