Beau Bock vs. Joe Simpson

From the AJC archives (9/94):

It’s not unusual for hosts of sports talk radio shows to occasionally take shots at their competition.

But it is a departure from the norm when the host of a show on one station calls the host of a show on another station to engage in some verbal jousting that lasts about nine minutes, an extraordinarily long time to spend with one caller.

But that was the case recently when Beau Bock, co-host of the morning show on “680 The Fan, ” called WGST’s “Sports Tonight” with host Matt Stewart, who was joined by Braves announcer Joe Simpson and baseball writer Bill Zack.

Bock felt prompted to call when he heard an earlier caller say Deion Sanders tore down two franchises. Bock was appalled that view was not disputed in any way by Stewart, Simpson or Zack.

Bock’s opening comments were aimed at Simpson, criticizing the Braves announcer for saying Sanders “internally did a lot of damage to the Braves.”

Those two then went back and forth on Sanders before Stewart asked Bock why he said Sanders reminded him of Jackie Robinson.

While Bock was explaining it was because of the dancing off the base paths and the pressure he created on the bases, Stewart triggered this exchange:

Stewart: “Did Jackie Robinson thump his chest and point to the sky after he had a double or triple?”

Bock: “No, but Jackie’s dad didn’t die in the previous season.”

Stewart: “Nor did he die in a crackhouse, either.”

Bock: “Oh, Matt, gosh. I wish you didn’t say that because you just exposed yourself.”

Stewart: “Well, I did. Aren’t you on the air? Don’t you have a show? Why are you calling us? You don’t get enough listeners on your show? . . . You called our show to try and get yourself some exposure. . . . Is that what it is?”

Bock: “Exposure? I’m talking to you three guys, and I doubt there’s three more people listening. . . . I know you two guys [Stewart and Simpson] are doing your Braves brochure, massaging those guys. . . .”

Stewart: “I’m surprised you have time to call us tonight. I thought you would have been polishing Jerry Glanville’s shoes. I’m sorry, his boots and belt buckles.”

Bock: “Guys, come on, get something new, all right?”

Stewart: “Well you just accused us of being shills for the Braves. It was obvious you were a shill for Jerry Glanville.”

Bock: “It just so happens Jerry Glanville can coach. Did I get anything from Jerry Glanville? I didn’t get anything from Jerry Glanville.”

Stewart: “Jerry Glanville can coach, huh? That’s why he’s in the TV booth.”

Simpson: “Beau, who are you? I don’t even know you.”

Bock: “Joe, you’ll never know me because we’re in two different worlds. . . . I’m involved with sports, and you’re doing your deal, whatever the heck that is. It obviously doesn’t have anything to do with reality, or truth or treating players correctly. . . . You guys are typical guys that just applaud the bad guys and kill the good guys.”


3 thoughts on “Beau Bock vs. Joe Simpson

  1. i would have enjoyed climbin in the squared circle with the dutch treat and puttin a whuppin on him. egg suckin fool was so dumb when he went to london, he turned on the tv cause he wanted to watch the english channel

  2. Between this one and Eddie Haas-been having to cuff his underwear you are on a hell of a roll, RBC. Keep them coming!

  3. Whoever came up with this new reality TV approach to sports talk – he’s an innovator, baby!!

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