2014 Predictions revisited

Some were prescient:

  • The move to Cobb is a done deal, but the construction of Pascual Perez Memorial Stadium — and development of the surrounding Fanplex Memorial Funzone — will not go as smoothly as the hear-no-evil front office will claim.
  • Gavin Floyd will start more games than Brandon Beachy but not as many as Alex Wood.
  • FW and Fredi will sign contract extensions; Jay Hey and Freddie will not. (3 out of 4 ain’t bad)
  • In anticipation of the Cobb relocation, we’ll hear even more of that godawful country pop crap in between innings, to the point where I start to ponder the unthinkable:  Maybe “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” wasn’t so bad, after all.
  • Attendance will decline.
  • The Nationals will be better, prompting the Office to complain repeatedly that Doug Fister should have been a Brave.

Others, a tad optimistic:

  • Evan Gattis will outhomer Brian McCann. (Gattis fell one HR short but appeared in 32 fewer games)
  • Jordan Walden will become a force in the 8th; Carpenter and Avilan will regress, but not badly.
  • Chris Johnson won’t be as good as he was in 2013 but won’t be as bad as his critics suggest. CJ was too consistent (never hitting lower than .273 in a month) to expect a massive drop-off. Take away a lackluster 2011 campaign and Johnson has a lifetime BA above .300.
  • Freddie will be Freddie. Jay Hey will be Jay Hey, 2012 edition. J-Up will be a little better. B.J. has to be.
  • Like Andrelton two years ago, Tommy LaStella will replace Tyler Pastornicky (aka Rod Gilbreath 2K) in the starting line-up before the All-Star break and hit .289, minus the stellar defense. Though he’ll be better than Uggla.

The rest, delusional:

  • Ryan Butcher (103 K’s in 62 IP at Gwinnett) emerges as the top lefty out of the ‘pen..
  • Dan Uggla will be traded before Opening Day. To Baltimore. The Braves will pay more of his salary than the O’s and will be better off for it.
  • Andrelton will mimic Dave Concepcion’s 1974 campaign: .281-14-82, 44 BB, 79 K’s, Gold Glove Award. If you want to see a preview of Simmons’ future, look up Concepcion’s numbers.
  • We’re going to like Ryan Doumit more than we think.

2015 predictions forthcoming.


2 thoughts on “2014 Predictions revisited

  1. The Nats have signed Uggla and it is now reported he was playing with an undiagnosed concussion last year.
    What explains how bad he played for over a year and a half before last year?

  2. He’ll get cut well before the team leaves Florida. That’s when we’ll hear the next excuse.

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