#Braves sign 38 yo reliever because non-contending teams need lots of closers

Signing Jason Grilli to a two-year, $8 million contract would make sense if you were planning on making Craig Kimbrel available at the trading deadline, a time when teams desperate for a closer might be willing to overpay. But the Braves are adamant they won’t do that, and if you believe them the Grilli signing makes little sense.

Nothing against Grilli, who finished 2014 strong and is just two years removed from an All-Star appearance. But the bullpen is one area where the team appears to have considerable depth, adding Jim Johnson, hard-throwing Michael Kohn and Arodys Vizcaino to a relief corps that includes David Carpenter, Shae Simmons, James Russell, Chasen Shevre, Luis Avilan and David Hale.

And when you’re likely to finish in the bottom half of your division, a deep bullpen is a luxury you can do without. I’d rather see them add a lefty hitting 3B and an eventual replacement for B.J. when he’s hitting .204 in June.

Perhaps Grilli pitches well enough that he’d be some value at the deadline. It’s not necessarily a bad move, just another in a growing line of questionable ones.



6 thoughts on “#Braves sign 38 yo reliever because non-contending teams need lots of closers

  1. The Braves let Varvaro (who was better and cheaper) go for next to nothing, then sign Grilli. WTF?

  2. Yeah, I didn’t understand the Varvaro move but I don’t mind this signing. It’s another indication that the brass are serious about building a team around great pitching, even if it takes a year, or three. Besides, if Grilli is good, we can flip him at the deadline to a desperate team and get a decent return. Low risk, high reward.

  3. Of course the company line would be that Kimbrel isn’t going anywhere. But I wouldn’t bet on him sticking around to the season’s end.

  4. If the pitching is improved from last year and the hitting has gone from 29th to 30th best in the league, does that makes this a better team?

  5. What do you all think of signing Colby Rasmus to a one year deal, see if he explodes for a bigger contract with someone else? If it works, you get an Of with big offensive numbers, if not, he’s still better than BJ.

    Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen.

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