Nats return for Souza > #Braves haul for J-Up

Excellent observation by Office commenter Andrelton the Giant on the J-Up deal:

(T)he Nationals beat us bad on this trade. They got Joe Ross and Trea Turner in the 3 team deal with the Rays (and Padres) and only gave up Steven Souza, a player without a spot in their foreseeable lineup. A fourth OF for two top 10 prospects.

I would have been happy with either Turner or Ross and some throwins for Upton. It looks like we got the leftovers of that deal. Not a single one of the players we got is as good a prospect as either of those guys

One minor quibble: Before his injury, Fried was rated higher than Ross. But Ross will be pitching in 2015, unlike Fried.

It sure looks like the Braves’ chief division rival got more for Souza, who turns 25 in April, than the Braves received for J-Up, who has two years, and 162 career homers on him. While he put up outstanding numbers in Triple-A last year, Souza has never been considered an elite prospect.

Turner, meanwhile, was the 13th overall pick in last year’s amateur draft and acquitted himself nicely in Single-A ball, hitting .323 with a .406 OBP and 23 steals. Ross, brother of Tyson, is a former first rounder with excellent control. His minor league numbers are somewhat underwhelming but you can say the same of Fried.

That said, I’m not unhappy with the Braves trade, especially if Mallex Smith pans out. I love speed, and Smith and Peraza (who combined to steal 148 bases last year) could make for a dynamic top of the order.


4 thoughts on “Nats return for Souza > #Braves haul for J-Up

  1. Why sign Markakis if you’re giving up on 2015? Other than the potential of nicknaming Matt Fried, “Southern”, this trade seems weak because the “prize” is hurt for next season and the other guys San Diego didn’t covet anyway. I just don’t get it.

  2. It’s worth noting that J-Up could well be a one-year rental. That reduced his trade value.

  3. J Up may be a one year rental, but look at the trade this way.
    Padres get: One year of J Up, Northcraft, AND a supplemental first round draft pick in 2016
    Braves get: A supplemental first rounder in Jace Peterson, a 5th round pick in Mallex Smith, a 2nd rounder in Dustin Peterson, and a 1st rounder in Fried who’s lost a year of development and comes as a rehab candidate to a club already hemorrhaging pitchers to TJ surgery every year.
    Nationals get: 2 first round draft picks, one of whom is ready to help their rotation next year if need be. The other just tore up high A ball in his first pro season. They also managed to plug the coming holes in their lineup after Desmond and J Zimmerman hit free agency next year.
    All for a reserve OF? Even if Souza somehow becomes a comp to Myers 2013 season, that’s a decent return since they have no spot for him with Werth and Harper around for the long haul.

    And the Braves got no major league ready talent for one of the premier power bats of the last few years? Still a big hole in the rotation with no depth at all after Hale, and a LF who no one really thinks should be in the OF. I guess it can be argued that the Braves just freed up enough money to sign a 5th starter for the year, but would anyone really be excited if they signed Harang again?

    After the front office went around the last two months feigning that J Up wouldn’t be traded for anything less than a bigger return than J Hey got, we got hosed. Big time.

    The only hope is that new special assistant Chad MacDonald (former Padres exec) knows something about these prospects that we don’t, and at least one of them changes into a long term solution somewhere.

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