Bye, bye J-Up, hello Petersons, et al

The retooling — don’t call it rebuilding, JS says, which reminds me of the facilities people where I work insisting on calling cubicles “workstations” — continues as the Bravos dealt J. Upton to San Dieo for four prospects.

This appears to be one of those deals whose outcome really won’t be clear for a couple of years, at least. We get: Left-hander Max Fried, shortstop Jace Peterson, third baseman Dustin Peterson, and outfielder Mallex Smith, per Jon Heyman of Fried is an elite pitching prospect BUT he’s coming off Tommy John surgery.

Twenty-one-year-old speedster Smith had terrific numbers in A ball last year– 88 steals, .400-plus OBP, .310 BA. He was not ranked among the Padres’ very top prospects but his minor league stats so far are impressive. If he pans out he could be just the kind of player this team needs. The Petersons are supposedly middling, Phil Gosselin types.

At first blush, this seems an underwhelming return for a guy as talented as Upton. But if it were my money, I wouldn’t sink a lot of it into him over several years. Too streaky, too bad defensively. Time will tell on this trade. J-Up is, of course, a free agent after this season and this group of prospects certainly beats a draft choice.


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  1. Andrelton the Giant says:

    Another big disappointment, though it’s true it’s too early to call it a final judgement since we only got prospects. Ross or Cashner may have been aiming a bit too high, but no major league ready pitching leaves us with a big hole in LF and we’re still a SP short of a rotation.
    What can be said for sure, from the current perspective, is that the Nationals beat us bad on this trade.
    They got Joe Ross and Trea Turner in the 3 team deal with the Rays and only gave up Steven Souza, a player without a spot in their foreseeable lineup. A fourth OF for two top 10 prospects.
    I would have been happy with either Turner or Ross and some throwins for Upton. It looks like we got the leftovers of that deal. Not a single one of the players we got is as good a prospect as either of those guys, though I’ll admit that prospects often don’t work out as planned, and years from now we might have the better end of the deal. But from what’s known now, this is a really big loss within our own division.

  2. Excellent point on the Nats return, Andrelton They arguably got more for Souza than the Braves got for J-Up.

  3. roadrunner48 says:

    I’m glad to see Upton gone. The pitcher we got is a 6’4″ lefty who throws hard and has two secondary pitches that are decent. That’s a nice prospect to have in return for a rental. The centerfielder runs well and gets on base. The older Peterson is LaStella with a good glove. He can help us now. The younger one has good power and is a nice throw-in here. The first three are definitely going to be MLB players. I’m happy with this haul.

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