J-Up suitors shrinking

Kansas City just signed Kendrys Morales. The Tigers acquired Yoenis Cespedes and the Padres, Matt Kemp. That appears to eliminate three potential landing spots for J-Up/Gattis and leads me to question whether John Hart’s asking price is too high. Regardless, with fewer suitors, he’s lost some leverage in trade talks.

Meanwhile, the acquisitions of Mat Latos and Dee Gordon by Miami should end any fantasies about the Braves contending in 2015. They’re coming off a sub-.500 season and, at this point, are worse offensively and defensively. Even if they keep J-Up, how are they better than a year ago?

The offseason’s still young but it’s hard to imagine a path to the playoffs for this crew.



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  1. Blair says:

    I don’t know about KC. Morales was just a DH replacement for Butler(and was cheaper than what Billy signed for). If they’re truly looking to upgrade, and add some power, JUp is probably still very much in play for them.

  2. Paul says:

    No such thing as asking for too much right now….if justin starts the season with us and puts up the numbers that he should, we’ll get an even bigger return at the trade deadline from a playoff contender in need of a bat. Hold strong Hart!

  3. stew says:

    Don’t sabotage the potential trades Upton and Gattis by including BJ and CJ in the deal. Forget about the money the Braves will lose on BJ and CJ. Get the best pitchers and best defenders possible. I don’t mind them losing in 2015 They have to pitch and defend.

  4. Andrelton the Giant says:

    Hearing Varvaro was DFA’ed makes me hope a J Up deal is imminent and he’s part of the package. If not, this is the most baffling move I can recall from the Braves.
    I doubt it can happen, but I’d love to see the Braves somehow pull off a Tyson Ross trade.

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