The three highest-paid #Braves

Assuming Justin Upton is traded …

B.J. Upton $14.45 mil

Dan Uggla $13.2 mil

Nick Markakis $11 mil



11 thoughts on “The three highest-paid #Braves

  1. Going backwards here. I guess the good news is that Fredi’s margin is growing ever more narrow.

  2. Good. Uggla is on the books for one more year and I still have an outside hope that Hart can find a way to dump BJ, though it might be a matter of replacing his name on this list with someone else’s.

    Solid signing of Markakis. OBP, consistent quality ABs, above-average defense, affordable.

  3. I am so depressed today.

    This offseason will only get worse.

    Does this OF excite anyone?

    LF Gattis
    CF BJ
    RF Markakis

  4. If anyone was still curious why Wren got canned this would be the main reason. He’s flushed 25% of our payroll down the toilet for 2015. Almost 28 million is way more than we can afford to waste.

    I like Markakis as a player. We need someone who can get on base. Still I wish that money could have gone toward keeping heyward.

  5. Almost $28M? You mean almost $39M. Hart is keeping the tradition alive! I don’t see the logic in signing a declining OF who couldn’t reach a deal with his longtime team, has declining power and shoddy defense. Something must be really wrong for the Orioles not to have signed him.

  6. I said that B.J. Upton would be Uggla Part 2. Markakis will be B.J. Surhoff Part 2. (except we get him for four years!)

  7. Actually, NM added 30 points to his SLG last season, over 2013.

    As far as his injury goes, Angelos has a well-documented history of being the worst owner to nix contracts b/c of seemingly small things. And I don’t think, given Heyward’s injury history, that the importance of Markakis’ 150+ games/season can be discounted.

  8. Markakis going for neck surgery. Anyone else feel a Nick Esasky/Bruce Sutter shudder when they read that?

  9. When that ball fell between the Uptons in late July, an ill wind blew through the entire organization. Much more of this and the ghosts of 1988 will spirit away our pitching.

  10. Markakis a shoddy fielder? He won the Gold Glove for A.L. right-fielders this past season. Yeah, he’s not as good as JayHey (nobody is), and he may have won it in part on reputation, but he’s still one of the game’s better defensive right-fielders. He’s hardly shoddy.

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