B.J. Surhoff redux?

Nick Markakis 2013: .271 BA, 10 HR, 59 RBI, .329 OBP, .356 Slugging

B.J. Surhoff 2001: .271 BA,  10 HR, 58 RBI, .321 OBP, .405 Slugging

They could’ve had Yasmani Tomas for two additional years at the same annual salary. Tomas has potential, which is what the Braves should be all about — not a 31-year-old whose numbers are on the decline.

And there’s concern about Markakis’ health, reports Ken Rosenthal,

In March 2013, Markakis, 31, was diagnosed with a small disc herniation in his neck. And even though he appeared in 160 and 155 games the past two seasons, his condition and diminished power gave the Orioles pause, according to major-league sources.

The Orioles, under Angelos, have a history of quashing agreements due to medical concerns. They never struck a deal with Markakis, but as recently as last month it appeared a foregone conclusion they would retain him.

Instead, Markakis will join the Braves, pending a physical. According to a source, the Braves have no concerns about Markakis’ neck – they viewed a report from a specialist who performed an independent evaluation of him, and expect him to be 100 percent for spring training.

It’s been a long time since the Braves got their money worth on a multi-year contract. Was the Big Cat the last one?



8 thoughts on “B.J. Surhoff redux?

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  1. If you are comparing just offensive stats, then those comparisons are OK, but there are a few things in Markakis’s favor: First of all, 2 gold gloves. Second, wasn’t Surhoff unhappy to be away from his family here? Markakis graduated from Woodstock High School and attended Young Harris College. Also, despite a few injuries in the recent couple of years, he has more 150-game seasons under his belt in 9 years than Kotsay and Surhoff combined in 36 years of major league service. I saw a blurb about his stats batting leadoff in a certain number of games last year. While they weren’t spectacular, they were almost exactly the same as his overall stats, which I think says something about his makeup and consistency. I like the move.

  2. He’s slow and has little power. He’s known for his fielding but he has little range. Players like that don’t age well. If he were the sixth or seventh best hitter on the team, he’s fine.

    What’s good is that he’s a pro. He plays the game right and can do things that are lacking on this team: working the count and not striking out all the time. This team could use some adult leadership. And it seems like the Orioles fans, Angelos, and Showalter love the guy.

  3. Well we have Markakis. And for what, to be a placeholder? He certainly isn’t an upgrade from Jay-Hey. He’s good defensively but he lacks Heyward’s range. Sure, he won a Gold Glove last year,but no one is putting his RF exploits up with Jason’s. Markakis and Heyward’s offensive numbers from last year may look similar, until you consider that Jay-Hey was a 24 year old with speed whose numbers should be improving as he reaches his prime years. Markakis’ peak years were his first four; his last five years have begat BJ Surhoff numbers. At age 31, this is as good as he will get. I’m sure that he will be described as a “professional hitter”. I’m sure that Chip will extol his virtues as a clubhouse leader. At the very least he’ll strike out less than a hundred times; a guy with strike zone judgement is something that this team needs in its lineup.

  4. As the season turns into July, Markakis, with 2 homers, will report that his neck is hurting him. The lineup will be so bad they will drag Freddie Freeman’s numbers down even further.

  5. He’s a waste of 44 mil and shouldn’t be making so much. His issues with his neck better be taken care of before the beginning of the season. He drove in 50 and scored 81 last year. He did produce 177 hits, but his hits weren’t productive. This guy is over the hill.

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