#Braves need to make this trade happen

Houston really wants Evan Gattis, so much so that they were willing to take B.J. Upton, according to Ken Rosenthal. In return the Braves would’ve received Dexter Fowler and either a pitching prospect or reserve catcher.

The Astros, however, balked at adding $39 million in payroll — the difference between Upton’s remaining $46.35 million and Fowler’s $7.35 million — and the teams never agreed on the second player going to the Braves.

Then offer to pay $20 million of B.J.’s contract. Certainly the Braves don’t expect a team to take on all the money he’s still owed. Hell, they should be thrilled if anyone would take on half. Fowler, an Atlanta native, is not a great defensive CF — neither is B.J. — but his career OBP is nearly .100 points higher than B.J.’s .279 total with the Braves.

Gattis’ right-handed bat would be missed, but he can’t play LF. With the money potentially saved, the Braves shouldn’t have much trouble finding someone who can.

Make it happen, JH.


8 thoughts on “#Braves need to make this trade happen

  1. I’m not enthusiastic about this idea. Fowler is a guy who starts for second division teams. We’d be getting rid of one of our best hitters and a guy who really sucks in return for a guy who kind of sucks. It seems to me that a Gattis trade should bring the team more than this.

    The Braves are going to be at the bottom of the division next year regardless of who’s in CF. We might as well see if Upton can respond to a new hitting coach. In the 95% chance that he doesn’t, then there’s two years left on the contract and he won’t cost as much to unload. He can be benched on favor of Todd Cunningham in the meantime. Cunningham’s services are a better than either of these other two and he costs nothing.

  2. I think BJ’s shitty contract soaks up most all of the positive value Gattis has. I like the idea behind this trade. That money saved can go a long way and we would get rid of the bad Upton.

  3. I think it’s a stretch to say Cunningham is better than Fowler. And, as Salazr points out, it’s not just the trade but the money potentially saved.

  4. Getting rid of BJ is less of an immediate priority for me than building up the talent that will be ready for 2017, though it would be a boost to morale with the fanbase just to see him gone. There’s no way we will contend next year without a miracle from Seitzer on offense and at least one more Harang-like surprise bargain in the rotation.
    Fowler would be nice to see in CF for a change, but he’ll be gone by 2016 anyway, and I think the tiny chance that BJ recovers some positive value is still better than giving away Gattis just to get rid of some of BJ’s contract when Gattis could be used to return some valuable prospects that might contribute in 2 years and beyond.
    Also, I don’t see why the Astros would take on BJ’s payroll just to get Gattis when they already have a power hitting DH with poor defense in Chris Carter.

  5. I didn’t write that well. Fowler is certainly better than Cunningham. But they both suck. The latter is just $7M cheaper annually and is probably not that much worse. And $7M is half of a year of BJ right there.

    As much as I detest BJ, he can only increase his value in 2015. I appreciate that trading him now would free up some cash, but nobody is going to take all of that contract.

  6. I don’t expect any team to take on all his contract, as I wrote. And you could’ve said the same thing about BJ a year ago, but his value dipped even more; .

    As for Fowler, I don’t think his price tag would skyrocket unless he were to have a career year.

  7. Fowler is a has been. What happened to the deal for Walker? How about Gallo, Peterson and all the other expected deals. I want the Braves to be youngest team. I want to have 2 different
    deals for Upton and Oso Blanco, each giving us 3 prospects.

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