Conjuring up a Gattis to Royals trade

Of all the Braves’ needs, a new center fielder is going to be the toughest to find. Even if they can’t trade B.J. an option is needed in center, where the elder Upton struggled defensively.

The free agent market offers nothing, unless you consider Colby Rasmus an option (and you shouldn’t). Rasmus had Chris Johnson-like numbers last year, striking out 124 times compared to just 29 walks in 104 games. He has a .234 BA and .295 OBP in his 4 years with the Blue Jays.

Trading Evan Gattis would leave the Braves short on right-handed power, but a corner OF who can hit homers and do nothing else is a lot easier to find than a CF. Jarrod Dyson isn’t ideal, but he’s an excellent flychaser with speed to burn. He needs to do a better job getting on base (career .323 OBP) but regular playing time may help him develop a better eye. Think Otis Nixon, a 32-year-old part-timer before he came to Atlanta in 1991.

I’d ask for Royals 2B prospect Christian Colon along with Dyson. Baseball America ranks him as KC’s 10th best prospect; he batted .311 with a .366 OBP and .433 slugging percentage last year at Triple-A Omaha. He could platoon with Phil Gosselin at second or, more likely, win the job outright.




9 thoughts on “Conjuring up a Gattis to Royals trade

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  1. I was just thinking this morning that they could use gattis with butler moving on. I wonder if they would give up bubba starling? Probably not but it’s nice to think about

  2. I was thinking about a Dyson/Gattis swap last week, but that Dyson wasn’t nearly enough in return. Colon evens it up more. Would probably be a stretch to ask for Finnegan.

  3. So you would give up gattis for a part-time 30 yr old leadoff-type outfielder who doesn’t hit for enough average to be a leadoff or get on base enough to use his speed? We’ll already have a guy to come off the bench and steal a bag (fingers crossed!). Oh and a 2nd baseman?? We just gave away a solid hitting la stella and we have gosselin and peraza waiting their turns. Braves will be asking a lot more in return for gattis, but if he’s not gonna play for atl then I think he’d be a good fit for KC. Just gotta get something back that they really really need

  4. For the life of me, I don’t understand why so many people on this site are so eager to run Gattis out of town. He led N.L. catchers in home runs this season (tied with Buster Posey) and was only 1 behind Brian McCann for the MLB lead. (I’m not counting Victor Martinez as a catcher any longer, as he only caught 2 games in 2014.) According to this site, when he homers, the ball comes off his bat about as fast as it does Mike Trout’s, and nobody in MLB was more likely to turn around his team’s fortunes in a game with a homer than Gattis. He improved his BA by 20 points over 2013, his OBP by 25 points and his SA by 13, so he appears to be improving. Yes, he did strike out more in 2014 than 2013, and he swings at more pitches than anybody other than Pablo Sandoval, but I expect him to improve in that area as Seitzer works with him.

    In other words, he’s a high-quality MLB hitter, who performs well in the clutch and appears to be improving. Sure, he’s a lousy-fielding catcher, but Bethancourt, in his time there, didn’t exactly look like Pudge RodrĂ­guez, and Bethancourt can’t hit a lick. And Gattis must have been doing something right, seeing as the Braves pitching staff was 3rd in the league, 5th in the majors in ERA.

    And you think this guy is only worth a platoon centerfielder with a negligibly better BA and OBP and absolutely no power and a minor-leaguer who plays the same position as the organization’s top position-playing prospect? Really?

  5. I’m with you. Keep him. He’s the best hitter on the team and he’s going to get better.

    His catching seemed to go downhill as the season progressed. He’s not good but he’s not a disaster. I think he’s better than he looked in August and September.

    Bethancourt is the second coming of Paul Casanova. When he’s batting .200 in late July, I’d like to have White Bear around.

  6. It’s more like who plays CF and who plays RF? I think the younger Upton is gone.

    We don’t need any long term solutions. It can’t be too hard to get a few Henry Blanco types. We just need a few guys who can field, run, and not strike out all the time.

  7. Unfortunately, I fear last season’s centerfielder will be next season’s centerfielder.

  8. I like Gattis. I don’t like him in LF. If the Braves are committed to playing Bethancourt, it’s time to trade Gattis for someone who can play in the outfield. Gattis can not.

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