Meanwhile, Pascual Perez Memorial Stadium is coming along swimmingly

It’s sad that the Braves©, once a maverick franchise, have settled so comfortably into their status within Liberty’s corporate framework.

This four-part press release, via Fresh Loaf, on the “unprecedented growth” of SunTrust Park, features plenty of painful back-patting and myth-making, particularly regarding the team’s contention that it’s not leaving Atlanta. Because, apparently, Atlanta is a state of a mind.

While the Braves are putting time and effort into the area neighboring SunTrust Park and the mixed-use development, the club remains committed to improving the area surrounding Turner Field as well, a philosophy that won’t change in 2017. It’s all done with the intention of improving the city the Braves call home.

“The biggest misnomer on this project has been that we’re leaving Atlanta. I think one of the things that we’ve come to appreciate even more over the past year is that Atlanta is the center of a thriving region,” said Derek Schiller, Braves executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Atlanta is an entire metro region. We are still the Atlanta Braves. We are moving a short distance from Turner Field. That distance is important, but we are not leaving Atlanta. This is an Atlanta address, we’ll still have Atlanta across our chest, and we’ll still be the best representative of the city of Atlanta as we can be.”

ICYMI, Schiller is a repeat winner of …








3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Pascual Perez Memorial Stadium is coming along swimmingly

  1. I will say… Derek Schiller came into my work once and I had no idea whom he was. We struck up a conversation about baseball and I had mentioned my wife and I go to spring training every year, etc. Before he left, he handed me his card and said any time I wanted tickets, to email him personally. Super nice guy, FWIW.

  2. That’s good to hear. I have nothing against Schiller personally but the way the franchise handled the move to Cobb rubbed me the wrong way.

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