#Braves trade Jay Hey, Walden for Shelby Miller, Tyrell Jenkins

We knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make the news of Jason Heyward’s trade any easier to stomach.

John Hart did well, considering. Jay Hey will be a free agent in one year; the Braves will have Shelby Miller under team control for four years. Tyrell Jenkins hasn’t pitched up to his potential in the minors but he has impressed in the Arizona Fall League, where his fastball was consistently touching 95 MPH.

The 22-year-old righthander, the 50th overall pick in the 2010 draft, bloomed in the desert. With a spot on the 40-man roster at stake, Jenkins put an exclamation point on his season with a 2.22 ERA and 28 strikeouts in 24 1/3 innings (six starts) for Peoria.

Four years after the Cardinals drafted him out of high school as a raw, Baylor-bound athlete, Jenkins looks less like potential and more like a pitcher than ever before. He has simplified his mechanics. His delivery can be repeated. His fastball still has zip, but also movement. His changeup plays. He’s working on a hard curve. And, most of all, his shoulder is finally healthy.

Jay Hey will be missed, of course, but the Braves have the makings of an outstanding rotation, with four accomplished young starters all under the age of 26.

Still … I’m a little depressed.


26 thoughts on “#Braves trade Jay Hey, Walden for Shelby Miller, Tyrell Jenkins

  1. All those pitchers are going to need real fielders behind them. Heyward is gone from right, and Gattis will be the everyday guy in left? 2015 is gonna be a long season.
    Heyward is the best outfielder in baseball. And he is gonna haunt us for years, a la Adam Wainwright.

  2. This is the worst. Dude is soooo young. Nowhere near his peak. You think we feel bad now? Give it a year and we’ll be feeling even worse.

  3. All we need now to complete the team’s journey down the rabbit hole to JS’ imaginary “Braves Way” Wonderland is to rehire Mazzone as pitching coach, so come spring training he can gleefully rub his hands together and announce to whoever will listen, “All I hear is people bellyachin’ about no hitters. I look at this team and you know what I see? Pitchin’. Pitchin’, and more pitchin’. Especially startin’ pitchin.’ Substituting “in'” for “ing” is a thing of mine, y’know.”

  4. Well at the very least our defense just got worse. I wish J-Hey well. I get the feeling he will crush the ball when he plays the Braves. Good thing we tied all of that money up with Uggla and BJ.

  5. The Braves seem to have a knack for losing the “face of the franchise” each season since Chipper retired and McCann became the de facto bearer of the moniker. Understandably, Mac was allowed to walk last season after it was apparent the Yankees would throw a giant mountain of cash and multiple years at him. This hurts though, especially if it’s true that Hart didn’t even try to talk to Jason about a possible extension before the trade.

    It’s not a bad return for one year of Heyward and two of Walden, but it leaves a big gap literally in the OF, and figuratively in the image of what the Braves are now.
    I get the feeling this photo is the franchise’s “face” for the time being.

  6. Well, this sucks. I do not like this trade. Of course, I’m not looking at it objectively because Heyward is my favorite Brave and I was hoping to see him mature offensively in a way that would come close to matching his spectacular defense. But we won’t get to see that maturation here in Atlanta because the sins of Wren’s contractual fiascoes have to be dealt with. Jay Hey will go to St Louis and probably become a star, where he won’t be jerked up and down the lineup every other week.

    As for Shelby Miller and Tyrell Jenkins, I’m sure that they could be nice additions for us. But as for right now, screw ’em. Nothing personal, but right now I’m not feeling very logical or objective.

  7. Jack’s post upthread gave me a horrifying realization: our starting OF defense could be Gattis, Upton, and Upton. Goodness gracious….

  8. Another Georgia native, too. God forbid we should allow a fan base to develop. And both Heyward and Wainwright play baseball the right way, the way you want kids to learn to play. So we ship them out.

    I do not understand a decision not to sit down and talk to him. Why can’t this organization show some common decency in player management? The guy was hurt a lot but he also played hurt a lot, and when he was healthy he won Gold Gloves.

    $50 says Heyward wins an MVP within three (3) years.

  9. I’m sure the Stanton contract removed any optimism Hart might have had for locking up Heyward. But I agree, Jack. They should have talked with him.

    Now we have pitching. Great. I’m sure the staff is very excited to have a Gattis-Upton-Upton outfield behind them.

  10. I can’t tell whether Hart’s talk about Gattis being a viable option in LF is merely to drive up his trade value or if he’s really thinking that we can’t afford to lose his bat.

  11. A bit of both. How punchless would the lineup be without Gattis?

    2B Gosselin/Peraza
    SS Simmons
    1B Freeman
    RF Upton
    3B Johnson
    LF Constanza?? Some other AAAA LF?
    C Bethancourt
    CF Upton

    Could be the worst offense in the majors!

  12. I hope you get some takers on that bet, Jack. You’ll look like Scrooge McDuck in a year or two.

    There is no way that JUp stays here next year. He’s as gone as gone can be. I just hope we get a solid return for him.

    Not holding my breath.

  13. God knows how negatively Heyward’s power numbers and development were undermined by desperately sticking him into the leadoff hole for that long. A square peg/round hole “solution” he accepted without complaint, by the way. Not that that seemed to affect Braves management’s valuation of him.

  14. I’d be glad to see JUp gone. And please, God, give Hart the strength to DFA the brother.

  15. He’s as streaky as it comes, strikes out a ton, and plays horrible defense. He’s Pat Burrell without the walks. He has a much better reputation than Burrell ever had. I say trade him while he’s still overrated. We’re not going to win with him anyhow.

  16. Agreed. Trade J.Upton while you can still get a good deal for him. As for missing Heyward’s defense, I figure all those empty seats in the outfield this season should be able to catch whatever Gattis, Upton, and Upton can’t get to.

  17. Now that Butler’s gone to Oakland, Gattis is going to KC. Just you wait.

    Also not sure how the Burrell comparison is a knock. When Burrell was good, he was a good player to have in the lineup. Justin’s providing plenty of value at the same dollar rate as Uggla.

  18. Joe Posnanski posted a thoughtful blog post comparing the value of Heyward and Stanton as complete players a couple of days ago, and also the “narrative” that goes with both players around the Baseball world. He clearly sees J Hey as a better all around player, and terribly undervalued.
    “Both the Marlins and Braves made major decisions about 25-year-old players on Monday. It’s at least possible that both teams will regret it.”
    I’m afraid he’ll be right in the Braves case.


  19. I’ve waited for the emotion to die down before posting my thoughts here. Ok, here goes:

    Fuck you, Liberty Media.

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