If you must trade Jay Hey …

Braves fans, it’s time to prepare for life without Jason Heyward. It’s inevitable. John Hart said there are no plans to discuss an extension with Jay Hey until after the season, and at that point what are the odds the Braves will outbid the competition? .00001 percent, at best.

So might as well trade him now, assuming you can get a better return than, say, Casey Kotchman and Stephen Marek. St. Louis seems to be a good match for a trade, and here’s a return I could accept (though signing Jay Hey would be preference):

*Carlos Martinez: Of all the Cards’ pitchers to come up within the last two years, C-Mart, who was a starter in the minors, has the best stuff.

His plus fastball has averaged just over 98 mph this year according to Brooks Baseball, and it features great late life. In longer stints as a starter, that is likely to sit more in the 95-97 mph range, but Martinez can also dial it up to the triple digits when he needs to.

His two-seamer, which sits around 92-94 mph as a starter, takes away just enough speed to get hitters off balance. Martinez’s changeup gives him another clear plus pitch, and his curveball, though inconsistent at times, is a fringe-plus pitch. That is quite an impressive arsenal for a 23-year-old, and it is why Martinez can still become an ace.

*Stephen Piscotty. A supplemental first round draft pick in the 2012 draft, Piscotty has put up solid but unspectacular numbers in his three minor league seasons: .292-.359-.435. He makes good contact, never striking out more than 61 times, and is solid defensively. They’re still waiting on him to develop power, but at the very least he projects as a Mark Kotsay-type offensively.


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  1. jon3068 says:

    Soooo depressing. I remember when he was a rookie and there would be articles about him smashing car windows in spring training.

  2. rankin' rob says:

    I like J-Hey, and it would be a shame to lose a home grown product. But he’s hasn’t developed into a leader, his hitting is inconsistent, and his superb defense is balanced out by a tendency to be hurt a lot. That said, we’ll trade him or he’ll walk and he’ll then reach the potential we all saw years ago under different/better coaching. It’s The Braves Way.

  3. wuky says:

    Agree with rankin’ rob. Hate to see the guy go, but he’s probably reached his potential with the Braves and if we’re rebuilding then we need to maximize what we can get for him.

  4. jon3068 says:


    I don’t care if it makes baseball sense or not, I don’t like this trade

  5. Sharon Egan says:

    If the Braves could not maximize the productivity of a guy with the talent and hustle of Jason Heyward, then the flaw lies with the franchise, not the player. This is the kind of move that will drive my loyalty away from this franchise. “The Braves Way,” what a steaming pile of crap.

  6. Tokyokie says:

    I was hoping we’d trade J. Up instead, but I feared it would be J. Hey. And if our outfield next year is the Upton brothers and Gattis, every fly ball will be an adventure.

  7. The blame goes to Frank Wren, who spent big on B.J. instead of locking up Jay Hey.

  8. charlesad says:

    It’s the Frank Wren way. If we didn’t have BJ, we’d probably still have J-Hey. But I think Hart did well given the circumstances. You can never have enough good young pitching.

  9. Tokyokie says:

    Of course, the Braves’ trading La Stella to reacquire Vizcaino and pick up the Cubs’ international bonus slots further buttresses my belief the organization will end up with Yoan Moncada.

  10. They saved about $10 million in this trade..

  11. Tokyokie says:

    And we still need a stopgap second baseman, another starting pitcher, and a backup catcher, along with some bullpen arms.

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