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8 thoughts on “Poll du jour

  1. What’s the point of keeping Heyward, or Upton for that matter, for one year? A draft pick?

    Braves have the leverage this off season, next year they’re just another bidder for services. Extend or trade.

  2. They could trade one of the two for Casey Kotchman and Stephen Marek. Or hold on and use the free pick to draft the next Mike Trout while trying to contend this year.

    Surprised to see I’m one of the few who voted “trade neither”

  3. Big difference — Tex wasn’t traded until the trade deadline. Just because FW got a crappy return doesn’t mean Hart couldn’t do better. Sean Gilmartin was a first round draft pick, too.

    I wouldn’t trade them just for the sake of it, but if you can’t sign them and, say, Boston offers a package including Mookie Betts, you’d be foolish not to accept.

  4. I don’t see teams trading away high-ceiling prospects for walk-year players anymore. That’s why we’re seeing more trades like the David Price deal. (what’d they get Drew Smyly?) Teams are getting really stingy with their low-salary players.

    The only trade I can think of that yielded huge for the team sending away their big name was Zack Greinke for Lorenzo Cain/Alcides Escobar and even that one took some time to unfold. But I haven’t put too much thought into it and wouldn’t mind hearing other examples of trades like this.

  5. My inclination is to keep Heyward because he is one of the finest baseball players I have seen in a long time. But it may be that he will not recover his power unless and until he lands in a new environment.

  6. Maybe I just have an irrational love for Heyward. What a ballplayer. So what if he’s not the best power hitting right fielder. He’s the best at a bunch of other things that are just as valuable but not as headline grabbing.

  7. Agreed. Heyward is a hell of a ballplayer. Hart should do whatever it takes to keep him.

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