Nineteen years tonight, a great moment that should have been greater

Almost 19 years ago to the minute, the Braves won the only championship in Atlanta sports history (and don’t give me the ’69 Chiefs). I was at Manuel’s Tavern, where the response was fairly tepid. In fact, I was scolded for getting up on my chair.

Three years earlier, after Otis’ catch to preserve a 1-0 win over the Pirates, CD and I stopped off at Manuel’s on the way home. The local 11 p.m. news came on just as we walked in and “The Catch” was the lead story. On cue, the packed bar boisterously chanted “Otis, Otis!” I feel sorry for Braves fans who didn’t live in Atlanta from ’91-’93. It was a wonderful time.

The strike pretty much ended the city’s crush on the Braves (fuck you very much Bud Selig. As happy as I was to see Grissom squeeze the final out, I must admit being way more excited by Sid’s slide. Or even Otis’ catch. I guess that’s the luck of a Braves fan — you finally win a World Series but at a time when most people resented baseball.

Still, I’ll take it.


5 thoughts on “Nineteen years tonight, a great moment that should have been greater

  1. Under Bud Selig MLB went from The National Past time to The Regional Past time. Basically Bud turned MLB into the Milwaukee Brewers.

  2. Game 6 of the 1995 World Series was played on October 28, not 21. Remember it like it was yesterday. Glorious weather and a glorious outcome.

  3. I was working during the game but dashing in and out of the sports department office at Pacific Stars & Stripes to watch the game with the sports editor, the only other Braves fan in Tokyo of whom I knew. Managed to see the Justice home run and the ninth inning and still make deadline. Although making deadline wasn’t as memorable.

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