Hart declines GM job; Braves considering Rockies dolt who signed Hampton, Neagle

The Braves’ number one choice to be GM has finally given them an answer.

Too bad the Braves chose to target a 66-year-old executive who had last been a GM nine years ago. Meanwhile, the Dodgers on Tuesday lured Andrew Freidman, perhaps the game’s brightest young executive, away from Tampa.

And the Braves?

The same Dan O’Dowd who signed flyball pitcher Denny Neagle to a five-year, $51 million contract and Mike “My Titty Hurts” Hampton to an eight-year, $121 million deal?


Not the guy who traded a in-his-prime Jermaine Dye for Todd Belitz, Mario Encarnacion and Jose Ortiz?

One and the same.

Isn’t that the dude who implemented “Project 5183,” a short-lived, rightly mocked plan in which the Rockies switched to a four-man starting rotation, limiting starters to 75 pitches and utilizing so-called “piggyback” relievers for up to 50 pitches?

That’s him.

Hiring O’Dowd, who left the Rockies in shambles, would a disaster in line with the Uggla and B.J. deals. I’d rather have Wren back than O’Doofus.

We can only hope sanity prevails.

Moore is proving a lot of skeptics wrong, but waiting on someone you doubt will even leave his current GM seems foolish.

It’s likely John Coppolella gets the job by default, which may be the best outcome. But the lack of imagination shown by the hierarchy in conducting their “search” appears to confirm our worst fears.


3 thoughts on “Hart declines GM job; Braves considering Rockies dolt who signed Hampton, Neagle

  1. It’s either going to be an internal hire or someone who used to be here. It’s The Braves Way. You know, like first pitch popups in playoff games and dugout brainfarts by the manager.

  2. O’Dowd also had a very public policy of trying to fill the roster with “Christians”, because, of course, they have more character than everyone else.

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