Open thread, 10/14, LCS twin bill

There’s many reasons I’m glad Frank Wren is gone, among them his treatment of Tim Hudson. After the 2013 season concluded, Wren offered Huddy a 1 year, $2 million contract to return to the Braves. Granted, I would love to be in a position to consider $2 million an insult, but Timmy deserved better. Wren knew he wouldn’t accept it, so why offer? Perhaps he’s just a dick.

Well Huddy, winner of 114 games as Brave, had the last laugh. Don’t see how any Braves fan could root against him as he makes his LCS debut after 16 years in the majors. Huddy, one of the game’s good guys, faces John Lackey, one of baseball’s biggest assholes, a guy who divorced his wife six months after she underwent a double mastectomy.

Should be a fascinating day. Oct. 14 usually is:

And, of course, the best of them all:




2 thoughts on “Open thread, 10/14, LCS twin bill

  1. And former Brave Greg White starts the game-winning play! (Tell me again how he wasn’t good enough to crack the Braves’ outfield but he can play center and lead off for a team probably headed to the World Series?)

  2. Not only that, but possibly its third World Series in 5 years…I think Blanco is just a case of different surroundings providing the spark to become that reliable, everyday player.

    I’m glad for Huddy as well; if SF wins it all, I won’t mind because Huddy definitely deserves a ring.

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