Open thread, 10/10, ALCS: Goofus vs. Gallant

Buck Showalter brings his most dominant relievers in to face the toughest hitters, inning be damned. Ned Yost doesn’t deviate from plan, believes relievers should only pitched in pre-determined innings, no matter who’s at bat.

Buck Showalter bats his best hitters atop the order so they’ll get more plate appearances. Ned Yost bats his best hitter 6th and a guy with a .317 OBP first.

And so on. Baltimore should win but I wouldn’t count out KC, even with Yost calling the shots.

I’ll go with the O’s in 7. The longer the series, the greater the interest, and baseball could use some Game 7’s. Over the last 5 years only two of 15 playoff series’ have gone the maximum 7 games.



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  1. van scott says:

    Anybody else kind of irritated to see Sheffield talk about hitting covering the playoffs when
    he ‘hit’ .063 & .143 for the Braves in his two playoff series with them?

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