The #Braves 25

Who are the 25 most influential figures in Atlanta Braves history? The top 10 are easy, so no need to nominate the Hammer, Chipper, Mad Dog, Murph, etc.

But what about 11-25? Does Joe Torre, who had one outstanding season as both a manager and player, make the cut? What about pitching guru Johnny Sain, who taught Leo Mazzone everything he knows? And whither Gene Garber, the closer for so many forgettable teams?

We’ll begin the countdown soon so commence with the submissions. And remember, influential doesn’t always mean best.


18 thoughts on “The #Braves 25

  1. Assuming Justice is in the top 10, I’m going to then submit the Crime Dog, Fred McGriff!

  2. Depends on how you define “influential” and “figures.”
    Do Bobby and Scheurholz count?
    Hate to admit it, but probably have to have Rocker on there.

  3. Who made the Braves what they are today, or what they once were — including everyone from broadcasters to ownership to on-and-off the field personnel.

  4. Bill Bartholomay, the guy who moved the team from Milwaukee 47 years ago, then sold it to Ted Turner in 1976. The Braves would not be in their current city or form without the moves he made.

  5. Paul Richards. Even after he left, his minions continued to drive the team into the ground.

  6. Jeff Reardon. Without his blowing 2 games in ’92, we would most likely not have to point to ’95 as the only time we won it all.

  7. To me, they fall in the “easy” category, but since no one else called them straight up:
    Skip, Pete, and Ernie Sr.
    Also, Andruw Jones.

  8. Two considerations (based on how we define “influential” going forward):

    Deion Sanders: brought the tomahawk chop to Atlanta.
    Sid Bream: one cannot be a Braves fan without understanding both the circumstances and magnitude of the phrase “Sid slid.”

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