So what’s David Justice up to?

John Rocker isn’t the only former Brave hitting the reality show circuit.

David Justice / Dweezil Zappa TV-PG CC

A lavish-living baseball star swaps wives with an eco-friendly musician.

David Justice, Rebecca Justice
43 minutes
Original air date:
June 3, 2014

When your co-stars include the likes of Joe Piscopo, Barry Williams, Jermaine Jackson, a Real Housewife and Daniel Baldwin, it’s time to re-evaluate your career path.

You’re better than this, D.J. You belong with the Braves, perhaps as a batting instructor?

A little out of the box, perhaps, but Justice was a smart hitter and would command respect. And he’d be back working for “the only team he ever wanted to play for.”

One thought on “So what’s David Justice up to?

  1. When you marry a Hollywood star you probably have to get used to sharing your spouse.

    I don’t see how hiring proven winners could hurt anything. Justice had a little of that Reggie Jackson braggadocio that comes from being really good at what you do.

    Add TP as manager and you’ve got a deal. Our clubhouse needs an infusion of Attitude.

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